A big thanks and a brief break.

Dare I say, this Halloween season (and beyond) has been my most successful and fulfilling yet!  I’m really happy that lots of people are just as eager to read my work as I am to create it!  However, I’m still trying to figure out possible angles for the future with this blog.  Do I focus solely on conversions/homebrew/variant rules?  Do I wrote posts on in-depth examination on the game itself (as well as the criticisms it has), in an effort to make my own fixes?  Do I jump into another theme?  (Return to science-fantasy, perhaps more modern fantasy instead?  Arthuriana?  Sword & Sorcery pulp?  Non-European themed options?)  I guess all information will come in due time.  As much as I hate doing this, the blog will take a relatively brief break while I contemplate some new ideas.

Rambling, musings, Halloween and some other stuff.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for encouraging me to do another horror theme once more, as well as being the force to keep me going.  Balancing tons of projects, personal drama and work isn’t easy; trust me on that one.  Somehow, I managed to crank out a fair share of neat stuff. And to be honest, I’m not quite done with Halloween/horror themed content!  Now, I usually do darker fantasy themed work to begin with, but I’m eager to continue such posts for at least another week or two.  So, expect a handful of spooky posts for a little bit.  And after that?  Maybe some science-fantasy like last year, maybe something completely different!

Besides that, I think this blog might be in need of an overhaul sooner or later; themed posts, deeper looks into gaming as a whole, some other ideas I’m tossing around.  I also think it’s time to expand into games beyond D&D.  Sure, I love D&D a bunch!  It’s the game that introduced me to tabletop RPG experiences as a whole.  Although, rules aren’t everything…  So, I suppose there’s always the chance to expand the game to fit other genres and ideas as I have before.  And who knows?  If I polish them in time, I can put ’em out for sale too (once Wizards releases details on OGL, of course.)  So, onceI finish my current block of posts I want to work on, then it’s time to start pondering about the future.