Night Terror Bloodline – A Nightmarish Sorcerer Bloodline for D&D 5th Edition

Nightmare Mage

You are born from the stuff of nightmares.  From a young age, you had come to know fear, as fear was very much a part of you.  You faced wretched terrors as well as found methods of eventually manipulating them.  Some figure you to be mad, but you know that your mental fortitude against vile horrors is far greater than most uses of magick.

Deranged Bravery.

Your exposure to absolutely terrifying menaces as well as the dark magic that flows through you has fortified you against fear itself.  You have advantage on all saves against fear effects.  If you already have this bonus or gain this bonus later, you are instead immune to fear-related effects.

Weaver of Dark Dreams.

At level 1, your dark sorcery manifests in numerous morbid manners.  You gain the following spells at their appropriate level, which you know at all times.

Lv. 1 Sleep, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Lv. 3 Crown of Madness, Enthrall

Lv. 5 Hypnotic Pattern, Speak with Dead

Lv. 7 Compulsion, Confusion

Lv. 9 Dream, Modify Memory

One with the Horror.

At level 6, you can ensure your target succumbs to fright when exposed to the right sources.  When a target is making a saving throw against an effect involving fear or sleep, you may spend 2 sorcery point to induce disadvantage on that saving throw.  In addition, damaging cantrips you cast deal an additional psychic damage equal to your charisma modifier.

Visions from Deathly Sleep.

At level 14, when casting a spell, you can spend 3 sorcery points to also conjure a mortifying image within 60 ft. of you as a bonus action.  All targets within 10 feet of the illusion see it.  The Horror lasts for 1 minute, but otherwise functions like hazardous/monster illusion portion of the Phantasmal Force spell, except it affects multiple creatures.

Living Nightmare.

At level 18, you can briefly make a foe’s fear come to life and torment them!  When a target of a spell fails their saving throws against a fear effect and are within 60 feet of you, you may spend 3 sorcery points to deal 3d10 psychic damage and 3d10 force damage to them as a reaction.

Image Source – Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver art by Karla Ortiz; Magic the Gathering


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