Wulven – A Beastly Race for D&D 5th Edition

UPDATE AUGUST 2018 – The current draft is found under the victims of the Skinwalker sub-section of this post.  I might do another update and put something up elsewhere.  Stay tuned.  However, the Lycanthrope Hunter feat remains, even though I feel it’s a bit specific.  But, meh,  I like Mystara!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018 – I’m hoping to update this at some point.  I’ve gotten a fair bit of feedback as well as some new ideas to tinker with these old drafts.  Plus, setting content was removed due to content thieves.  Stay tuned!



NEW FEAT – Lycanthrope Hunter

Prerequisite – Wulven race (Alternatively, this can be granted to a character who hunts lycanthropes.)

You gain the following abilities:

  • +1 bonus to your Wisdom Stat
  • Sense Trueform – You can sense a lycanthrope in any form within 60 feet. This requires a perception check. Unless the check is really high, you only sense the general area of one or more lycanthropes. A really high check could possibly root out a potential suspect.
  • Silvered Slayer – Both your weapons and any natural attacks you may possess are considered silvered, even if they are not.

NOTE: This feat was made to allow players to harken back to Mystara’s Lupin race, a huge inspiration for this creation.

ART CREDIT: Alera Codex Nasaug by Sandara

Made by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Wulven – A Beastly Race for D&D 5th Edition

  1. hey there I have to saw I’m digging this custom race you made it’s really well thought out but I have some questions
    1) what are the Lv1 of the wulven like?
    2)how many classes can the wulven be in and is there a way to see what their favored classes.

    keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for the response! This is a heavily dated draft. I’ve been occasionally going back to and updating my beast races in a separate. I’m planning on overhauling pretty much everything, as I’m just not satisfied with most of my races. The end result will probably be up on the page eventually. Any old pages (like this one) will likely redirect to that instead.

      As for specifics? Well, in its current incarnation, it just means your unarmed damage is a d4. Also, those rules don’t really exist in 5E. Favored classes were only for 3E.


  2. I think this and the Ursine are my favorite races from you. I would definitely play one with the revised ranger. If I get wind of this and others of your animal races fro 5E becoming available in print and pdf, picking up that bundle would be a priority for me.


      • And they deserve to be published. As I said, if you made a book of these races as a print and PDF offering I would want a copy as soon as I could afford it. Between this and the one kick starter I am waiting on I may just design a scenario for 5E to run at Furpocalypse next year. There is a lot you can do with an asylum theme.

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  3. I like this race as well. I may use it for my home games. Have you noticed if bite attacks get used frequently by players? I like that it draws from Mystara. I wish that I could find more information on the setting.


    • Natural weapons are rarely used, which to me is a shame. I wanted the race to give players some incentive to use natural gifts, so to speak. In the end, they’re not much more powerful than weapons they could train in themselves, while making the player feel empowered. Plus, it compliments the monk and barbarian, if players really want to focus on their natural weapons. While the info on Mystara (especially their dogfolk race) is scattered, I plan on expanding upon my race’s lore for future projects. Once I get a setting (or at least a racial book) off the ground, I’m sure they’ll be more fleshed out.

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      • I have seen that bonus actions get eaten up by class features and dual wielding, which is unfortunate. I feel like it kind of stymies action economy, but I can see why it was not more permissive. I keep toying with animal-type races and whether having a bite or claws is going to be useful to more players than not.

        What kind of books do you have in the works?


      • I’m hoping to build a science-fantasy setting (think like Titansgrave, albeit I had the idea far before I even watched Tabletop) once the OGL stuff for 5e is released. It’s a little bit Planescape, a little bit Shadowrun and a little bit Thundarr the Barbarian.

        As for making the natural weapons pretty strong, my reasoning was exactly because the class abilities mostly pertain to other abilities and weapons, leaving natural stuff left behind. Granted, there is probably some big oversight I’m missing.


      • I’m curious to see what you come up with as a setting. I like the natural weapons, as you might have seen in my take on Fox Folk. I’m hoping that it parses out, and that someone doesn’t tell me that I’m doing it wrong.


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