Wulven – A Beastly Race for D&D 5th Edition

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018 – I’m hoping to update this at some point.  I’ve gotten a fair bit of feedback as well as some new ideas to tinker with these old drafts.  Stay tuned!



Proud and Independent Lupine-like Beings


The Wulven look a bit like their wolf descendents, save for manual dexterity in their claw-like hands and walking upright by default.  Some look much akin to humans, save for strong canine features.  However, they are still more than capable on running on all fours.  Much like the Ursine, these beings were the creations of mad sorcery.  Some suspect they have the blood of the werewolf in their veins, while others fear they’re crossbreeds created by some perverse lunatic.  Despite these theories, the wulven have managed to live somewhat peacefully within their own tribes and towns… at least when outsiders aren’t too involved with their business.  Their social structure is heavily driven by a sense of order and duty.  Their elder council alongside their chief rule over all else, with castes of merchants, artisans, hunters, farmers, and the like.  Due to their treatment at the hands of their creators, they tend to be superstitious toward magic and equally technophobic.

On the average, they tend not to be hostile towards outsiders, no matter how weary they are of their presence.  While not willing to venture too far out of homeland, Wulven have set up checkpoints and outposts as a means of setting up trade and negotiations.  Within their lands, Wulven hunt for food much like their ancestors, using as much of the prey as they can.


Devout Guardians and Devoted Warriors


Colonies of Markovia saw the wolf as a symbol of strength, much like how the bear and various others were used by Markovian mainland.  Their canine sense of loyalty dates back to the rigorous training their descendents were put through by the colonist military.  As time progressed, fierce and combat worthy traits were chosen as new generations were bred for war.  Eventually, knowledge of the ursine experiments traveled from the homeland to offland colonies as their chief arcanists and scientists began to experiment on their lupine army.  Much like their cousins in the mainland, they too mutated into something slightly humanoid.  As warring kingdoms began to sack colonies, the Wulven found themselves more and more displaced, choosing to flee over fighting with their corrupt creators.

These new tribes set out to create a more positive order, rather than one ruled by cruel authority and corrupt intentions.  More tribes branched out, vaguely united by a grand council.  Several envoys were deployed to civilized areas in order to prevent miscommunication and ill will.  Meanwhile, their knowledge of military training and combat has aided in them in bolstering defenses and creating armies of their own.  While not obsessed with conquering or warfare itself, the Wulven remain a heavily militaristic society on the average.  However, they are more than willing to follow reason and diplomacy over rash action and violence.

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Planar Magick – Planescape-inspired spells for D&D 5th Edition (PART 2)

“One foot in the grave, the other in Hell.”

The powers of the planes return once more for eager mages and priests to study and learn once more!  This list continues my previous post, allowing a full spell list of over 30 new spells scouring countless planes and planar powers alike.  Best get out your art craftin’ books, basher!  It’s time for a multiverse cram session!


Planar Magick – Planescape-inspired spells for D&D 5th Edition (PART 1)


Of course I’ll teach you my magical knowledge… after you take care of some tasks for me…

The planes holds countless secrets, countless beings, and countless magicks!  Some are willing to share their knowledge with the multiverse, while others keep their secrets and will keep to protect them; extraplanar forces are no exception.  For those lucky enough, the powers of the cosmos begin to fall into their hands.  Their ideals grow stronger as the planes begin to change alongside them.  At the very least, their ideals shape into new spells, crafted from distant points of reality.

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College of the Piper – A Sinister Bardic College (and background) for D&D 5th Edition

“They called me a mindless fool, I MADE THEM MINDLESS FOOLS! AHAHAHA!”

Your years of ridicule, discrimination, and being labeled a social pariah have slowly driven you mad.  For ages, you’ve toiled over many schemes to get back at all those who have caused you wrong.  Rather than trying to resolve the turmoil in a sensible way, you like your festering insanity guide you on the path to revenge…  Or rather, prepare an epic ballad about revenge, with you as the lead character!  However, as your decaying mental state continues to worsen, you begin to see all opponents as those who have wronged you in the past.  You’ll make the public adore you or you’ll kill them trying!  Will you ever come on top as the “hero” or will your obsessions be the end of you?  The world is your stage, the upcoming events are the unfolding drama and you are the director and main actor of it all!

Unlike other bardic colleges, you focus in manipulation and sabotage above all!  While others bolster their allies, you humiliate and tear down your foe.

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