Wulven – A Beastly Race for D&D 5th Edition

UPDATE AUGUST 2018 – The current draft is found under the victims of the Skinwalker sub-section of this post.  I might do another update and put something up elsewhere.  Stay tuned.  However, the Lycanthrope Hunter feat remains, even though I feel it’s a bit specific.  But, meh,  I like Mystara!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018 – I’m hoping to update this at some point.  I’ve gotten a fair bit of feedback as well as some new ideas to tinker with these old drafts.  Plus, setting content was removed due to content thieves.  Stay tuned!



NEW FEAT – Lycanthrope Hunter

Prerequisite – Wulven race (Alternatively, this can be granted to a character who hunts lycanthropes.)

You gain the following abilities:

  • +1 bonus to your Wisdom Stat
  • Sense Trueform – You can sense a lycanthrope in any form within 60 feet. This requires a perception check. Unless the check is really high, you only sense the general area of one or more lycanthropes. A really high check could possibly root out a potential suspect.
  • Silvered Slayer – Both your weapons and any natural attacks you may possess are considered silvered, even if they are not.

NOTE: This feat was made to allow players to harken back to Mystara’s Lupin race, a huge inspiration for this creation.

ART CREDIT: Alera Codex Nasaug by Sandara

Made by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights reserved.


Planar Magick – Planescape-inspired spells for D&D 5th Edition (PART 2)

“One foot in the grave, the other in Hell.”

The powers of the planes return once more for eager mages and priests to study and learn once more!  This list continues my previous post, allowing a full spell list of over 30 new spells scouring countless planes and planar powers alike.  Best get out your art craftin’ books, basher!  It’s time for a multiverse cram session!


Planar Magick – Planescape-inspired spells for D&D 5th Edition (PART 1)


Of course I’ll teach you my magical knowledge… after you take care of some tasks for me…

The planes holds countless secrets, countless beings, and countless magicks!  Some are willing to share their knowledge with the multiverse, while others keep their secrets and will keep to protect them; extraplanar forces are no exception.  For those lucky enough, the powers of the cosmos begin to fall into their hands.  Their ideals grow stronger as the planes begin to change alongside them.  At the very least, their ideals shape into new spells, crafted from distant points of reality.

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College of the Piper – A Sinister Bardic College (and background) for D&D 5th Edition

“They called me a mindless fool, I MADE THEM MINDLESS FOOLS! AHAHAHA!”

Your years of ridicule, discrimination, and being labeled a social pariah have slowly driven you mad.  For ages, you’ve toiled over many schemes to get back at all those who have caused you wrong.  Rather than trying to resolve the turmoil in a sensible way, you like your festering insanity guide you on the path to revenge…  Or rather, prepare an epic ballad about revenge, with you as the lead character!  However, as your decaying mental state continues to worsen, you begin to see all opponents as those who have wronged you in the past.  You’ll make the public adore you or you’ll kill them trying!  Will you ever come on top as the “hero” or will your obsessions be the end of you?  The world is your stage, the upcoming events are the unfolding drama and you are the director and main actor of it all!

Unlike other bardic colleges, you focus in manipulation and sabotage above all!  While others bolster their allies, you humiliate and tear down your foe.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I became dissatisfied with this subclass and won’t be updating it.  I might remove this post in the future.

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