Serpent-Folk – An Eldritch-Blooded Race for D&D 5th Edition

UPDATE OCTOBER 2018 – I’ve moved this post over to Patreon, as sort of a living draft.  This is because I want to focus more on new works on both pages, while allowing the old places a new chance at life, as well as give them a dedicated space to reshape into something more up to par with my later work.

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“From the depths of the sandy wastes, a large snake-like beast emerges. The creature’s size doesn’t shock and amaze you, but the revelation that it’s roughly humanoid! The creature swings two curved blades from its reptilian arms. As you manage to dodge the swinging blades, a set of fangs jut from the beast’s mouth, imbedding its bite and venoms within your flesh. You begin to feel woozy as the creature taunts you in its serpent tongue.”


Strange Reptilian Creatures


The Serpent-Folk are a strange breed with many plausible theories on their origin. Some say they were the creations of ancient deities from beyond the stars, dating before humanity itself. Others say these serpents were creations of dark rituals and weird sorcery, perhaps even unholy union. Others claim they’re simply evolved Naga.


Complex and Unwelcoming Societies


No matter the truth, these beings live complex lives, often isolated from non-scaled folk. Some have societies run by plutocracy, while others are driven by loosely tethered social bonds and near animalistic impulse. Either way, their fearful and xenophobic nature results in rare contact with outsiders. Either way, trust is hard for a serpent-folk to obtain and equally hard for them to give. As cold-blooded creature, it should be no surprise they’re often found in warm locations.



2 thoughts on “Serpent-Folk – An Eldritch-Blooded Race for D&D 5th Edition

    • It, like a lot of older content, migrated to Patreon. Mostly because I’m not that proud of a lot of my older work. I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go with on a lot of those drafts. Maybe I’m just insecure about older work I’ve done, I dunno.

      I also moved it so it could be changed up there, while I focus on newer things here. (As well as post exclusive content and previews on patreon too.) Plus, with all the love older posts get, newer posts deserve some love too. I want spaces for both types of content to develop and flourish. Hell, once I feel content with updates of older creations, they’ll probably resurface on the WP in one form or another.


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