Monsters of Eberron – Daelkyr, Denizen of Xoriat

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Xoriat, it’s kind of like that.

If you thought their creations were scary, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  The terrifying masters of Xoriat are a seemingly all powerful alien force.  For ages, they’ve been behind much of the tension and turmoil in Eberron.  Some suspect that they control the realm best known in the multiverse as the “Far Realm.”  In fact, some scholars think it to be the very same plane as Xoriat.  No matter the truth, this fleshcrafting menace has goals still mostly unknown to everyone else.  For all we know, the denizens that visit the material plane could just be foot soldiers…  The worst could be yet to come!  Perhaps even more disgusting mutants and experiments await those unfortunate enough to get too close to their clutches.  And that’s not the most disturbing things about the Daelkyr.  The most disturbing part is they look like us!  Or should I say, WE look like THEM!

Is this a Daelkyr lord or one of their warriors that slipped through reality?  You decide!  Either way, get ready to lose A LOT OF SANITY!

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Serpent-Folk – An Eldritch-Blooded Race for D&D 5th Edition

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“From the depths of the sandy wastes, a large snake-like beast emerges. The creature’s size doesn’t shock and amaze you, but the revelation that it’s roughly humanoid! The creature swings two curved blades from its reptilian arms. As you manage to dodge the swinging blades, a set of fangs jut from the beast’s mouth, imbedding its bite and venoms within your flesh. You begin to feel woozy as the creature taunts you in its serpent tongue.”


Strange Reptilian Creatures


The Serpent-Folk are a strange breed with many plausible theories on their origin. Some say they were the creations of ancient deities from beyond the stars, dating before humanity itself. Others say these serpents were creations of dark rituals and weird sorcery, perhaps even unholy union. Others claim they’re simply evolved Naga.


Complex and Unwelcoming Societies


No matter the truth, these beings live complex lives, often isolated from non-scaled folk. Some have societies run by plutocracy, while others are driven by loosely tethered social bonds and near animalistic impulse. Either way, their fearful and xenophobic nature results in rare contact with outsiders. Either way, trust is hard for a serpent-folk to obtain and equally hard for them to give. As cold-blooded creature, it should be no surprise they’re often found in warm locations.

EDIT Sep 2017: I removed some of the content here, in part because it came to my attention that people were plagiarizing my work.  While I’m happy that people are inspired by this blog, the copying and theft has become disheartening for me.  Since this is likely to be revised in a product, I might remove the stats from this page as well, supplying a link in its place.  In the meantime, this page exists as a living draft.  Enjoy.

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Servant of the Grave – A Vampiric Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition

Some rogues take up careers of skullduggery and subterfuge.  Some become warrior poets, chronicling epic battles and taking part in them as well.  Others take a darker path, in service for the legions of the undead.  The Servant of the Grave is one such roguish character.  All who embrace this title forsake their humanity in the name of power; improved stealth, near immortality, and near invulnerability!

The powers of the vampyr are indeed mighty, but those who obtain them usually fall to despair, madness, or succumbing to the tainted blood’s curse in general.  Many of those who receive these gifts are part of dark cults that revere vampires are divine beings, seeking to become like them as well.  These cultists are almost always evil, however many of their sacrifices and experiments are not.  Perhaps you are one of those victims of dark cult magicks, turning you into one of the living dead.

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Diabolist – A Fiendish Arcane School for D&D 5th Edition

Throughout the ages, many schools of magic have been created and also destroyed.  Some have come under attack due to ignorance; arts such as Necromancy and Enchantment have been targeted in particular.  Among the most notorious is the art of magic inspired by fiends.  The school of Diabolism is such an art, where contact with dark planes leads to manipulating vile energies into wholly new effects.dedicated to dark gods and demonic creatures.  While many styles of magic are unlawfully targeted and discriminated against, the diabolists are almost always cruel and wicked.

While pacts with otherworldly beings are the results of enslavement, diabolic mages intentionally scour obscure tomes and demonic rites to enhance their magical craft.  Some are connected to patrons like warlocks, while others steal devilish secrets for their own purposes.  Warlocks forge direct deals with fiendish beings.  Meanwhile, most Diabolists cheat their way into obtaining fiendish magic, often resulting in horrific consequences.  That said, many Diabolists are active within cults and truly follow their infernal agenda to its fullest extent.

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Races of Eberron – Daelkyr Half-Blood

One of the experiments of the Daelkyr was to use their symbionts in an effort to create half-Daelkyr hybrids.  These beings would live their every day life until dark visions of Xoriat and an alien mindset slowly took over their victim.  Never at home anywhere and haunted by dark visions from beyond the void, the Half-Blood is a tragic being.

For the most part, half-bloods look like their parental race.  Some have naturally developed symbionts attached to their body in some way.  However, it isn’t hard for them to be hidden in some manner.  However, some Daelkyr Half-Bloods are more warped by their dark heritage.  These poor beings are more likely to go mad by their sick cosmic masters.

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Monsters of Eberron – Horrors of the Daelkyr P.2 – The Symbionts

Fun in the Sun with Daelkyr Fleshcrafts, now in designer colors!

Among the grotesque “fleshcrafts” of the Daelkyr, the Symbionts are indeed a malevolent breed.  These warped monstrosities were likely creatures captured from Eberron, much like the far spawn.  Destroyed by the Daelkyr’s alien minds, these creatures obey their commands and try to force the Daelkyr agenda upon anyone falling victim to their parasitic evil.  These hosts inevitably become puppets for the plane of Xoriat, as the power their fleshcrafts offer is often too tempting.

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