Monsters of Eberron – Living Spell

The Last War brought many devastating effects upon the domain once known as Cyre. Among the atrocities that dwell in this wasteland is spells that have taken a life of their own. These so-called “Living Spells” have the ability to channel raw arcane power into their attacks, functioning just like the spells that spawned them. Some are troublesome, like a Living Friends spell (since Living Spells rarely speak). Others are truly horrifying, such as a Living Horrid Wilting spell. As it shouldn’t come as a surprise, these “creatures” are quite resistant to the very magicks that spawned them.

Beyond the Eberron Campaign Setting, there is plenty of opportunity to utilize this arcane foe.  For those planning on using the Spellplague setting for the Forgotten Realms, these can easily be accidental creations of said epidemic.  If you’re someone like me who ignores the spellplague timeline, there are other alternatives.  Take the mageocracies of Halruaa and Thay.  By all means, these creatures can be failed experiments left to roam the wilderness outside of their civilization.  Now, this would be something more akin to Red Wizard tampering, other societies are certainly capable of such abominations too.  For a setting like Planescape, these are likely spells miscast in planes like the Positive Energy plane or even Limbo!  Perhaps a wild surge quite literally brought the spell to life!

Living Spell Template

Type: All living spells are oozes.

Size: Based on the new caster level for the ooze; Levels 1 – 8 (Small), Levels 9 – 14 (Medium), Levels 15 – 18 (Large), Levels 19+ (Huge)

Attributes: The Living Spell gains a boost to its charisma equal to 10 + the base spell’s slot level. Intelligence and Wisdom are increased to 10 if they are below that already.

Damage Resistance: Dependant on applicable spell’s damage. (If spell does not cause damage by itself, it gains resistance to bludgeoning/piercing/slashing from non-magical weapons)

Magic Resistance: The Living Spell has advantage on all saving throws against magical effects.

Engulf: See also the universal monster ability, if the ooze does not have this ability already.

Spell Slam: When the ooze hits a target with a slam attack, it uses a bonus action to create its designated spell effect once per round. The DC for the Living Spell is 8 + The Monster’s effective proficiency + the living spell’s new charisma modifier. Choosing a different spell can drastically alter the creature’s effective damage output as discussed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide on page 277, as well as pages 274 – 275 on modifying offensive abilities. The spell level of Spell Slam is equal to the Living Spell’s effective caster level. (For example: a CL 3 Ooze uses its spell slam as if it were using a 2nd level spell slot.) Reference the multiclass spell slot table on page 165 in the Player’s Handbook.

End Note: This will likely change the Challenge Level by at least 1 point, perhaps up to 4.

Made by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Eberron belongs to Keith Baker and Wizards of the Coast.


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