5E Modern/5E Sci-Fi fans unite!

Yes, I know it’s not work of my own, but this article pleases me greatly.  In short, it’s a look into one of the WotC staff’s gradual conversion of D20 Modern.  While I’m proud of my own modern/sci-fi themed 5E works, this might mean official support from Wizards!  This is big news, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “5E Modern/5E Sci-Fi fans unite!

  1. I have been wanting to do a future game but less fantasy and more starship troopers. I have been reading over some of you future stuff and I like it. Do you have any ideas on vehicular combat?


    • I’m guessing, but I think the DMG has rules for vehicles. As for vehicular combat? If the DMG doesn’t already have it, I remember a naval combat homebrew someone posted a while back. I’ll have to track it down and read over it. If I don’t find it very interesting, I might consider creating something myself! (It’s not hard to reflavor ship combat in space, I would imagine?)


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