Grognard – An Old Guard Martial Path for D&D 5th Edition


You’ve slugged through countless battles, you’ve advised countless tactical maneuvers, maybe you’ve earned the trust of your superiors.  Needless to say, you’ve joined the ranks of a classical guard amidst the ranks of newcomers who are both inexperienced and ignorant.  During downtime, you may or may not be prone to lecturing the uneducated youth on how life, interests, and warfare were in your “prime time”.  At the very least, you grumble about how things were different back in the day.  Perhaps in your earlier years, you were the top of the academy and the best on the field, but some of that was lost from either falling out of practice or advancing in age.  And thus, you’ve returned to training once more.  However, your knowledge on old tactics can give you a leg up against these newfangled ideas and technologies.

Disclaimer:  I am both a consumer and avid fan of the OSR movement.  This sub-class is meant to be tongue-in-cheek at most and is not meant to be an insult towards fans of old school inspired gaming.  Also, I wanted to have a sub-class that had some bardic ability and warlord flavor as well.

Lecture the Youthful

Upon taking this martial path at level 3, your words are not only filled with determination and conviction, your words also convey a distinct power.  However, your (often long winded and) passionate speeches can be tiring for you and your audience, so they’re done sparsely.  By spending 10 minutes of time, you may coach your party with any knowledge you may know pertaining to what you’re about to face, no matter how loosely connected or driven by tangent.  Any party members capable of hearing receive a 1d8 bonus on the next attack roll, saving throw, or skill check they use within the following hour.  You are also eligible to receive this benefit, as long as you’re capable of hearing.  After this speech has concluded, this ability cannot be used again until a long rest is completed.

Upon reaching level 15, you may use this ability twice before needing to take a long rest.

This Wine’s No Good!

Upon reaching level 7, your exposure to many excellent ales over the years has resulted in an incredible tolerance.  You gain advantage on all saving throws against poison, as well as have resistance to poison damage.  If you already have this bonus granted from another ability, the appropriate bonus becomes immunity.

Newfangled Tactics

At level 10, you’re more than willing to expand your knowledge beyond more conservative fighting styles.  You may choose another fighting style, much like the Lv. 10 Champion ability.

Old Warriors Never Die

At level 15, your renewed training has helped to give you a renewed youthful vigor.  When you drop to 0 HP and succeed a death saving throw, you can elect to also spend a Hit Die as well.  However, this consumes your actions for that round.  Doing this does not take away from the amount of hit dice you have per long rest.  You can only use this ability again after completing a long rest.

Upon reaching level 18, you also gain advantage on death saving throws.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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