Monsters of Eberron – Living Spell

The Last War brought many devastating effects upon the domain once known as Cyre. Among the atrocities that dwell in this wasteland is spells that have taken a life of their own. These so-called “Living Spells” have the ability to channel raw arcane power into their attacks, functioning just like the spells that spawned them. Some are troublesome, like a Living Friends spell (since Living Spells rarely speak). Others are truly horrifying, such as a Living Horrid Wilting spell. As it shouldn’t come as a surprise, these “creatures” are quite resistant to the very magicks that spawned them.

Beyond the Eberron Campaign Setting, there is plenty of opportunity to utilize this arcane foe.  For those planning on using the Spellplague setting for the Forgotten Realms, these can easily be accidental creations of said epidemic.  If you’re someone like me who ignores the spellplague timeline, there are other alternatives.  Take the mageocracies of Halruaa and Thay.  By all means, these creatures can be failed experiments left to roam the wilderness outside of their civilization.  Now, this would be something more akin to Red Wizard tampering, other societies are certainly capable of such abominations too.  For a setting like Planescape, these are likely spells miscast in planes like the Positive Energy plane or even Limbo!  Perhaps a wild surge quite literally brought the spell to life!

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Grittier Arms and Armor: Enfeebled Equipment


Diving into my old and new Dark Sun books (as well as replaying Baldur’s Gate) gives me an interesting idea, a weapon property that characters can obtain (BUT DON’T WANT!)

Feeble: “The quality of you weapon has seriously degraded overtime.  Perhaps the materials that crafted for your weapon were either meant to be temporary or not intended for constant stress.  While wielding this weapon, targets have resistance to its damage.  Targets that have resistance to non-magical weapons are immune to attacks from this weapon.  Furthermore, rolling a Natural 1 on the die destroys this weapon.  In addition, armor with the feeble property grants -1 AC penalty upon any armor above leather.  If a target scores a natural 20 against your armor, it shatters.  However, if either the target or attacker is wielding a feeble weapon and the other has feeble armor, this quality is ignored.  However, the Nat 1/Nat 20 rule still applies.”

Now, this is pretty damn harsh!  How would it be applicable?  Perhaps a recreation of the Iron Crisis/Bhaalspawn saga would work for this?  Maybe the majority of weapons in Athas would carry this trait (considering they’re mostly made of rock and bone, something I can’t imagine taking too much abuse before breaking.)

On top of that, I’d probably replace the Rust Monster’s ability with the ability to make weapons feeble.  Furthermore, if it attacks a feeble weapon, it is automatically destroyed.  5E Rust Monsters are a lot more intimidating than their 4E counterparts, but they’re still not scary.  To be fair, the Tarrasque needs some fun buffs as well.


Grittier Second Wind: Warriors Don’t Regenerate Meat

“Tis but a scratch!”
DISCLAIMER:  Neither the title nor these gaming contents are made to intentionally make fun of anyone’s preferred playstyle or gaming interests.  The title itself is parody of angry rants on message boards.  The mechanics are meant as alternative to what’s available.  Enjoy!

Here’s some alternatives to the Fighter’s Second Wind mechanic, for people (like me) who’d rather replace it with something else.  Enjoy!

  1. Pain Mastery – Gain advantage on all attacks and strength and constitution checks and saving throws until the start of your next turn. Suffer fighter level damage.  This damage cannot be reduced.  Gain 10 + fighter level temporary HP.  If you take damage these temporary HP are lost first and they go away after 5 minutes.  1/ Short Rest
  2. Intensive Training – Gain 6 (1d10) + Con Level bonus Maximum HP at1st level
  3. Healing Resolve – 1/Short Rest – Gain 1d10 + Con HP when healed by someone else
  4. Second Temp – Fighter gains Temp HP instead.  Possibly make it so it DOESN’T exceed Fighter’s maximum HP.
  5. Damage Resistance – 1/Short rest, Subtract Con Mod from Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing damage for 1 round.  This DOES stack with Heavy Armor Mastery.
  6. ALT Resistance – 1/Short Rest, use Second Wind to gain Resistance against the next attack to hit you.
  7. Parry – 1/Short Rest, use a reaction to deduct 1d10+Level damage from an attack.
  8. Incredible Resilience – You gain an extra d10+Level HP when taking a short rest (or long rest, if using a variant healing rule set).  You do not have to spend a hit die when using this ability, but you still can on top of HP gained from the ability.

Source – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Ratling Scoundrel – A Lycanthropic Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition

The original draft, which I consider to be quite unbalanced in one way or another, has been removed.  The updated version of the crunch is available via “Zoanthropes – A Collection of Werebeasts” via DM’s Guild.  It will likely receive a final revision though.

Monsters of D&D – Astral Bounty Hunter

Many have said we’re not alone in the universe and they’re correct.  While evidence shows that life outside our own sphere isn’t inherently malicious, there are many lifeforms who seek to reap what we have taken for granted for so long.  Among these beings are the Colonists, who have been cataloging material plane life for ages, in hopes of studying them.  In the end, they hope to enslave our world and colonize it for their own efforts.  While the masters of this operation are mostly unknown, their force of uncanny bounty hunters have made themselves known. The bounty hunters are deployed to uphold the missions of the colonists, without the greater public finding out.  Even Shadow Governments forming pacts with them are unaware of some of these plans.

All present themselves as a similar looking man, they seek and destroy any person or creature that would compromise their greater mission.  Armed with merely a sidearm gun and a strange device, they still pose quite a threat with their intimidating stature.  Sightings have been most common in an alternate plane referred by some as “Conspiracy Earth”.  That said, thanks to the advent of numerous technologies and magics, these bounty hunters have traveled far and wide.  Some have arrived on crystal spheres via planar travel or spelljammer, tracking down native beings and astral beings that would harm work on a minor to multiversal scale.  Even more frightening is the nation that the Colonists might be expanding their reach to other realities as well.

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Grognard – An Old Guard Martial Path for D&D 5th Edition


You’ve slugged through countless battles, you’ve advised countless tactical maneuvers, maybe you’ve earned the trust of your superiors.  Needless to say, you’ve joined the ranks of a classical guard amidst the ranks of newcomers who are both inexperienced and ignorant.  During downtime, you may or may not be prone to lecturing the uneducated youth on how life, interests, and warfare were in your “prime time”.  At the very least, you grumble about how things were different back in the day.  Perhaps in your earlier years, you were the top of the academy and the best on the field, but some of that was lost from either falling out of practice or advancing in age.  And thus, you’ve returned to training once more.  However, your knowledge on old tactics can give you a leg up against these newfangled ideas and technologies.

Disclaimer:  I am both a consumer and avid fan of the OSR movement.  This sub-class is meant to be tongue-in-cheek at most and is not meant to be an insult towards fans of old school inspired gaming.  Also, I wanted to have a sub-class that had some bardic ability and warlord flavor as well.

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