Demon Thrall Rager – A Demonic Path for Barbarians for D&D 5th Edition


Not all barbarians use rage as an outlet to express themselves freely.  Others use rage as tribute to dark beings and abyssal foes.  These barbarians willfully become vessels for demonic powers.  For them, the darkest forms of chaos will ensure them the edge they need.  In some cases, these barbarians exploit their power to slowly become demons themselves!

Note: This path might be slighter stronger than other paths, in an attempt to simulate demonic powers.  This one will probably receive a lot of edits.

Embrace of Evil

Beginning at level 3, add abyssal to languages you know.  In addition, you gain Darkvision out 60 feet.  If you already have darkvision, extend Darkvision to 120 feet.  Furthermore, while raging, you must attack the nearest target in sight.  Until the rage ends, you cannot distinguish friend from foe; this activates once you make your first attack after you start raging.

Abyssal Weapons

Starting at level 3, you can manifest demonic natural weapons from your body when you are raging as a bonus action.  Each weapon counts as magical, for purposes of weakness and resistance.  They utilize strength or dexterity.  They last for 1 minute or until the rage ends.  They are the following:

  • Claw 1d6 slashing damage each
  • Bite 1d8 piercing damage + Bonus Action to Trip
  • Horns 1d8 bludgeoning damage + Bonus Action to Push
  • Trample 1d8 bludgeoning damage + Bonus Action to Knock Prone

At level 12, you may select another natural weapon.

Demonic Surge

Beginning at level 6, you can channel the abyssal blood in your veins to become less harmed by others.  You are resistant to all damage except psychic while you are raging.  When this rage ends, you cannot use this ability again until you take a long rest.

Chaotic Might

Beginning at level 10, your demonic power shifts you into a truly fortified foe.  While you are raging, you gain “Magic Resistance” or advantage on all saving throws against magical effects and spells.  Your AC also increases by 2 throughout the duration.

True Demon

Beginning at level 14, you are considered a true demon.  Whenever you rage, you now gain truesight 120 feet and telepathy 120 feet.  Your original Abyssal Weapon choice goes up one damage die.  Both of these last for duration of the rage.  Also, you can use Demonic Surge every short rest.

Upon reaching level 19, Demonic Surge is usable whenever you rage.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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