The Lifegiver – A Healing Warlock Patron for D&D 5th Edition


Note: This patron was designed to be more like healing-based clerics…  That or a more vague version of the cleric!  I also edited some abilities to be less extreme, while rephrasing things to make them more coherent. 

Also, I just realized the ramifications of having a turbo healbot archetype.  May the Gods help us all!

The Lifegiver is a faded force from a reality where the hope and joy of a once thriving realm have all but died out.  The lifegiver is a mysterious force, as it hails from another reality entirely!  It reaches out to those willing to listen through the mysteries of the planes themselves.  The motivations of this patron are elusive, but one goal stands true, to uphold life wherever it is threatened; whether it’s for good or evil…. or at least what is worthy in your patron’s eyes.  In your patron’s obsessive quest for spreading life, any sort of morality has become secondary.  As such, those who follow death particular loath warlocks who have made a pact with the mad embodiment of life itself.  In fact, many wish to stop such an irresponsible master.  Your patron’s mad crusade may be motivated by a number of factors.  Perhaps your patron wants to preserve and enhance the lives of those around it, make up for its failures in the past, or even just try to build an ideal world.  On the other hand, your patron could have darker motives!  A fear of death and the want to eliminate it, prejudiced selection of select groups through eugenics, or possibly the desire to toy with mortal beings for all eternity.


Expanded Spell List

Slot    Spell

1st    Cure Wounds, Healing Word

2nd   Lesser Restoration, Aid

3rd    Beacon of Hope, Revivify

4th    Freedom of Movement, Stone skin

5th    Greater Restoration, Mass Cure Wounds


Healing Knack

Starting at level 1, your patron bestows upon you the gift to bring energy and resolve back to those who have faced painful injury.

As an action, you may select one unconscious creature within 60 feet of you.  This ability functions like the Spare the Dying spell otherwise.  You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.

You are also granted Spare the Dying as a cantrip.

Deny the Unworthy

Upon reaching level 6, your patron gives you the power to decide who is and isn’t worthy of healing.

As an action, you may target up to your proficiency bonus of targets that are up to 60 feet away.  The target must roll a Constitution save against your effect.  If they fail the save, they are unable to heal for up to 1 minute.  If they succeed, the effect does nothing to them.

You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.  (The save for this DC is 8 + Your Proficiency Bonus + Your Charisma Modifier.)

Healer’s Blessing

Beginning at Level 10, your patron gives you the ability to spread their gifts like never before.

You gain the ability to upgrade a healing-based spell by one spell slot.  However, you expend the spell’s original slot as if it was cast normally. However, you cannot apply your slot upgrade ability to any Mystic Arcanum spells.  You must take a long rest before using this feature again.

Healer’s Arcanum

In addition, your knowledge of magical arts is greatly expanded by your patron.

You may select the following spells as alternative choices for your Mystic Arcanum:

Slot   Spell

6th    Heroes’ Feast, Heal

7th    Regenerate, Resurrection

8th    Antipathy/Sympathy, Clone

9th    Mass Heal, True Resurrection

Incredible Regeneration

Beginning at Level 14, you have mastered your patron’s gifts.

You may use a main action to regenerate your charisma modifier in hit points.  This ability will remain active for a total of 1 minute with concentration.

However, you cannot heal above 1/2 your maximum HP value.  When your HP reaches over 1/2 of your maximum, regeneration will cease until you drop below 1/2 again.  After 1 minute, this ability ends.  You must take a long rest before using this ability again.


New Invocation – Healing Martyr

Prerequisite: 5th Level

You can elect to damage yourself for 1d8+Charisma modifier damage as a bonus action, do not apply any weakness or resistance to this damage.  The damage you take is then transferred over to an ally within 60 feet as hit points.  You must take a short rest before doing this again.


Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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