Circle of the Faerie Grove – A Fey-themed Druid Circle for D&D 5th Edition

While all druids build a divine connection with nature, some seek out the fair folk.  Perhaps they’re seen as the spiritual embodiment of nature or perhaps their secrets can help to bring enlightenment.  Whatever the reason, this druidic circle exists.  These druids are typically involved in faerie court politics, whether by choice or by force.  Despite this, this order tries to maintain druidic ideals of natural balance and neutrality, even if its fae influence could be viewed as heretical in some sects.

These fey-focused druids are perhaps more in tune with nature than many other circles.  Or at the very least, magicks associated with nature and related supernatural beings.  These druids often commune with mystical creatures and traverse portals between our realm and the Fey Realm of Arcadia.  Many take the roles of emissaries and guides for fey and material plane dwellers alike.

Circle Bonus Spells – By being part of the Circle of the Faerie Grove, your knowledge of magic is greatly enhanced by your connection to Faerie.  You gain these spells, similar to the Circle of the Land Druid feature.

Lv. 3 – Sleep, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Lv. 5 – Invisibility, Misty Step

Lv. 7 – Hypnotic Pattern, Major Image

Lv. 9 – Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility

Spark of Madness – Upon taking this circle at level 2, you gain one of the following cantrips: Friends, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Vicious Mockery.

In addition, you may reach out and touch a target within your melee touch range as an action.  They must make a Wisdom saving throw using your spell save DC.  If they fail, they fall prone in a fit of laughter.  This effect functions otherwise like “Tasha’s Hideous Laughter”, except does not require concentration and ends when the target breaks the effect with a successful save.  You must take a short or long rest in order to use this ability again.

Fae Form – At level 6, you can channel the forces of the fae within you to become more like them.  You can expend one of your wild shapes to alter yourself to become more Fae-like.  Instead of using your wild shape to take a beast form, you gain following traits:

  • Magic Defense – Gain proficiency against all saves related to magic and magical effects.
  • Darkvision – You gain Darkvision out 60 ft.  If you already have Darkvision, extend it by 30 more ft.
  • Fey Blood – Advantage against Charm effects (Does not stack with Fey Ancestry trait.)
  • Gain proficiency in all Charisma skill checks if you do not have proficiency in them already.

Otherworldly Elusiveness – At level 10, you’ve adapted to the thick forests and strange civilizations of Arcadia, making you more adept in avoiding dark magicks and strange foes.  You gain the Uncanny Dodge ability of the rogue while your Fae Form is active.  At level 16, you gain the rogue’s Evasion ability while in Fae Form.  True Fae Form counts as Fae Form for this ability.

True Fae Form – Upon reaching level 14, you have become one with the faerie folk.  Lesser Fae form benefits are now always active and do not require use of Wild Shape. In addition, you can expend your wild shape to instead gain these benefits:

  • Magic Resistance – Advantage versus magical effects (does not stack)
  • Superior Darkvision – Your Darkvision is now 120 ft. instead. If you already have darkvision, add 60 ft. to it.
  • Faerie Blessing – Immune to charm effects (including sleep)
  • Sharp Tongue – Advantage on all Charisma checks.
  • Spark of Madness can be used at-will.

Please, let me know what you think!  If you playtest this sub-class, tell me how it works!  Also, credit where credit is due!  Original idea, as well as follow up ideas by Brynvalk.  You can view her blog here!

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Original idea by Brynvalk.


7 thoughts on “Circle of the Faerie Grove – A Fey-themed Druid Circle for D&D 5th Edition

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  2. Hi . MARVEL Super Heroes MHAC 9 Realms of Magic mentions Druidic Magic and Faerie Magic . “Nature” Magic includes both . The Druids and Fey [(or Fae)] are at odds and the Druids are said to have a form of allergy to iron or steel . Fey seem too narcissist to most and druids can be really ‘un’socially overbearing ([not turning into bears in my opinion]) . Thanks .


    • Thanks for the insight. Personally, I haven’t played or read much involving the Marvel universe (To be honest, I’ve read more DC. No reason in particular, just cuz.) In terms of the Fae, I’ve sampled multiple D&D settings, including The Forgotten Realms, for inspiration. To a degree, my content revolves around an implied setting of my own design. Admittedly, I haven’t typed as much of the implied setting in my work. While most of the priests and druids in the works I’ve taken from (including my own) dislike the Fey, there are sects that are more partial as the fey have a similar relationship with them. (Where else do half-elves come from? hehe)

      Anyway, thanks for the reply. I always love having more material to research and delve into.


      • The druids don’t dislike elves in the fantasy setting of D and D ., druids don’t like fey saying narcissism is “all the money in the world” [(in modern)] but druids can be crabby and find tranquility in Nature and on Urban Druid can be very crabby .,. though the same O- [(search)] on will say Wizards of the Coast “offered” Urban Druid are a kind of anti-druid .. but the antithesis of Good Neutral [( a weird rule )] are the ‘spoilers’ of “Nature” . . You can find out druidic magic and faerie magic tend to oppose about protecting and refurbishing Nature or the want for frolicking and a form of greed about sylvan accord . We’re stubborn , they are the equivalent of poor listeners . Thanks . I hope you learned something . Peace and “Pots” .


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