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Demon Thrall Rager – A Demonic Path for Barbarians for D&D 5th Edition


Not all barbarians use rage as an outlet to express themselves freely.  Others use rage as tribute to dark beings and abyssal foes.  These barbarians willfully become vessels for demonic powers.  For them, the darkest forms of chaos will ensure them the edge they need.  In some cases, these barbarians exploit their power to slowly become demons themselves!

Note: This path might be slighter stronger than other paths, in an attempt to simulate demonic powers.  This one will probably receive a lot of edits.

EDIT JAN 2018: I’ve abandoned this post and will either delete it or let it continue to sit.  Whether or not I update it for another post is uncertain at the moment.
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The Lifegiver – A Healing Warlock Patron for D&D 5th Edition


Note: This patron was designed to be more like healing-based clerics…  That or a more vague version of the cleric!  I also edited some abilities to be less extreme, while rephrasing things to make them more coherent. 

Also, I just realized the ramifications of having a turbo healbot archetype.  May the Gods help us all!

The Lifegiver is a faded force from a reality where the hope and joy of a once thriving realm have all but died out.  The lifegiver is a mysterious force, as it hails from another reality entirely!  It reaches out to those willing to listen through the mysteries of the planes themselves.  The motivations of this patron are elusive, but one goal stands true, to uphold life wherever it is threatened; whether it’s for good or evil…. or at least what is worthy in your patron’s eyes.  In your patron’s obsessive quest for spreading life, any sort of morality has become secondary.  As such, those who follow death particular loath warlocks who have made a pact with the mad embodiment of life itself.  In fact, many wish to stop such an irresponsible master.  Your patron’s mad crusade may be motivated by a number of factors.  Perhaps your patron wants to preserve and enhance the lives of those around it, make up for its failures in the past, or even just try to build an ideal world.  On the other hand, your patron could have darker motives!  A fear of death and the want to eliminate it, prejudiced selection of select groups through eugenics, or possibly the desire to toy with mortal beings for all eternity.
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Circle of the Faerie Grove – A Fey-themed Druid Circle for D&D 5th Edition

While all druids build a divine connection with nature, some seek out the fair folk.  Perhaps they’re seen as the spiritual embodiment of nature or perhaps their secrets can help to bring enlightenment.  Whatever the reason, this druidic circle exists.  These druids are typically involved in faerie court politics, whether by choice or by force.  Despite this, this order tries to maintain druidic ideals of natural balance and neutrality, even if its fae influence could be viewed as heretical in some sects.

These fey-focused druids are perhaps more in tune with nature than many other circles.  Or at the very least, magicks associated with nature and related supernatural beings.  These druids often commune with mystical creatures and traverse portals between our realm and the Fey Realm of Arcadia.  Many take the roles of emissaries and guides for fey and material plane dwellers alike.

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Oath of Cynicism – A Morally Grey Paladin Order for D&D 5th Edition


The stress of knighthood and justice can be too much upon many paladins.  Some crack under the pressure, some face worse.  For those unfortunate souls, they witness tragedy so great that they can no longer see value in “goodness”.  The “Cynics” were formed as a more grey-shaded alternative to the “Order of Goodness” that is the traditional paladin.  The Cynic believes that absolute order is the only method of achieving justice.  For them, protecting the minds of the innocent from things that would destroy them is for the best, even if that leaves them ignorant.  To the cynic, “Good and Evil” are a means of propaganda that distort and contort law and order to one’s ends.  Cynics hail from far and wide!  From the worshipers of Ilmater from the Forgotten Realms to the Bleak Cabal in Planescape’s Sigil; these dour knights reach the cosmos and beyond.


Sahuagin – A Devilish Oceanic Race for D&D 5th Edition and Pathfinder


Deep within endless trenches of the oceanic depths lies a race of creatures guaranteed to strike terror into the souls of many a sailor.  They’re given many names among seafarers – Sharkmen, Sea Devils, Sea Raiders, and countless others.  Whether any of these detractor names hold any weight or accuracy is to be determined.  However, anger and xenophobia is quite close to fact amongst the Sahuagin.  Any fool who’d dare tread upon their territory is soon greeted by endless waves of relentless raiding parties; attacking crewmen, infiltrating ships, and sometimes destroying the ship piece by piece.  Whether or not the attacks are deserved is up to whichever side of the raid you’re on!

Within their deep kingdoms, Suhuagin life is complex.  These beings live under a strict caste system based on personal merit.  Those capable of building, growing, and creating are on the top; while those who are less capable are largely ignored or sometimes relegated as parasites.  Those in the middle are used as defenders against threats both aquatic and land dwelling.  While some could argue that stealing from land beings goes against their meritocracy, they envision it as payment trespassing on properties where intruders are not wanted.  However, there are many marked safe points where one can meet with a Sahuagin, in an effort to visit their underwater realm.  Woe to any fool that doesn’t prepare for a dive through deep water and intense pressure.

Author’s Note: I was originally going to do this for just D&D 5, but one of my blog buddies encouraged me to open this option up to Pathfinder as well! And so, I am!

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