Bhaalspawn – Children of an Evil God for D&D 5th Edition


Abdel Adrian – Hero, Warrior, Child of Bhaal


The Lord of Murder shall perish
But in his death he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny
Chaos will be sown from their passing
So sayeth the wise Alaundo


As a child of darkness, you have been hunted and persecuted by those opposed to you… and even by your own dreadful blood!  While you quest for glory, everyday is a constant struggle.  In the darkness, countless spawn plot their power grab to become the Lord of Murder themselves!  Will you denounce your origin and use your power for good or take your rightful seat as a God of Death and Destruction?

Ability Score Increase The powers of death and disaster course through your veins and empower you to fight!  You gain a +2 bonus to your Strength.  You can choose between a +1 bonus to Intelligence or a +1 bonus to Constitution.

Age – While these beings age just as fast as their non-divine parent, they typically live way beyond the limits of said race by a long shot.

Size – The Lord of Murder has created countless children of countless species.  His vile blood infests numerous creatures beyond humanoids alone.

Alignment – Due to the Lord of Murder being an evil being, it’s not uncommon for their spawn to be equally vicious and cruel.  That said, many have championed causes that differ from their vile godly parent’s agendas.

Darkvision – Your heritage has given you a knack for seeing better in the darkness out 60 ft.

Magic Resistance – Add proficiency bonus to any save against spell, even if not proficient with stat save.

Spell-Like Power – Cosmic power is in your blood!  You are able to shape it into magical energy granted as boons.  Intelligence is your casting stat for your spell-like abilities; 8 + Prof + Int indicates your modifier.

  • Good Path – Cantrip (Spare the Dying), Lv 3 (Cure Wounds, cast as lv. 2 1/LR), Lv 5 (Protection From Poison 1/LR)
  • Bad Path – Cantrip (Chill Touch), Lv 3 (Inflict Wounds, cast as lv. 2 1/LR; alternatively, Shadow King’s Drain cast as lv. 2), Lv 5 (Cloud of Daggers 1/LR)

Aura of Destruction – Many can sense your divine heritage, making them uneasy around you.  Some can ignore it, but others may be outright hostile toward you in certain situations.  Divine Sense and detecting abilities will identify you as an evil creature and/or an outsider creature.  Furthermore, good-aligned monsters like Celestials are less inclined to like you.

Bloodlust – If you fail to kill at least one enemy within 24 hours, you find all other tasks nearly impossible to accomplish.  You gain disadvantage on skill checks and attack rolls that don’t involve aggression or lethality.  Furthermore, you must make an Intelligence saving throw (12) if a character provokes you in a threatening or insulting manner.  Failure results in challenging them to combat.

Terrifying Presence – You gain proficiency in Intimidate.  Furthermore, you can reroll 1 failed intimidate check once per long rest.  You must take the second result.  However, you typically gain disadvantage in all other Charisma rolls once your nature is revealed to your subject (unless they’re willing to overlook your heritage or have built up a trust.)

Languages – You may speak Common and another language of choice.  This language cannot be a rare language or secret language.

*LR = Taking a long rest.



One of the many spells taught to the Bhaalspawn from Alaundo’s prophecy was crafted by a dread lich of Netheril named Larloch.  While was was greatly thwarted in the Year of 1489 DR, his dark essence continues to linger through Abeir-Toril and countless other realities.

NEW SPELL – Shadow King’s Drain

Necromancy Level 1(Available to the Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard spell lists)

Casting Time – 1 Action

Range – 1 Creature within 60 feet

Components – V, S, M (A pinch of soot from a fireplace and a pinch of dirt from a cemetery)

Duration – Instantanious

You conjure a ray of power, given to you by the teachings of the original Shadow King, Larloch.  The ray drains health from the victim and imbues you with some of their power.  Make an attack roll against the target.  If you hit, the target takes 1d4+Spell Modifier modifier necrotic damage and you gain HP equal to the damage dealt.

Casting at Higher Level: By upgrading this spell, Shadow King’s Drain does another 1d4 damage for every spell slot higher than 1.


NOTE: If you involve campaigns around this race, make sure all players are on board.  The “Bhaalspawn Saga” that inspired this race might not be as exciting if only 1 character is a part of this race.  However, balancing their arc with the rest of the campaign is fine.  Otherwise, this character could be potentially disruptive.  However, you can elect to ignore the bhaalspawn saga in favor of your player having a divine-blooded character similar to the Aasimar and Tiefling races.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


3 thoughts on “Bhaalspawn – Children of an Evil God for D&D 5th Edition

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  2. The proficiency bonus seems very off to me: even things which get this for magic do not have a full prof. bonus. My advice is to take that out completly or nerf it to a +1, or half your Prof. Bonus rounded down at max.


    • I’m trying to keep in line with 5e’s math. Also, I nerfed the race in other ways. For one, innate spellcasting was NOT in the format found in the PHB, so I correct that. Also, hate-filled resolve was just a REALLY powerful ability that just added extra space. After recalculating, the race is pretty much on par with others now (despite its liability weaknesses). My goal is to keep the race close to its source material (Baldur’s Gate I and II), while making it as balanced as possible.


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