Covert Infiltrator/Techno-Spy – A Sci-Fi Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition

Infiltrator vs. Minotaur

“Voracx Corp seems to have everything! The idea of planar travel blew peoples’ minds, but that’s just the beginning! I’ve seen prints for machines that can traverse time, travel to locked dimensions, and even locate worlds that simply shouldn’t be. If you allow me to lead, we can show those lunatics a thing or two about preventing their apocalypse!” – Arlon Devan, Human Covert Infiltrator.

Your purpose is typically two-fold; espionage and scavenging. Perhaps you have a role in stealing prototypes and blueprints to secret technology. Maybe you’re a wasteland raider whose trying to salvage lost technology for profit or for personal use. Either way, your knowledge of subterfuge and tinkering have proved to be very useful skills of survival. However, there’s a market for folks like you who help “share” ideas. After all, if competition can get away with copying an idea without proof, it’s all the better. As for yourself? Something has changed you; augmentations, exposure to magic or radiation, or something else entirely. Or maybe you’re a top notch spy with an arsenal of gadgets to boot!  Either way, as long as you keep to the shadows, nothing can stop you.


Technical Knowledge – When you take this archetype at level 3, you gain proficiency in Tinker’s Tools as well as one-handed firearms that are either Renaissance or Modern.  Furthermore, you gain “Expertise bonus” when figuring out technology.  Furthermore, you only require up to two months of downtime to become proficient with a technological item.  In addition, you can spend the amount of time used to learn how the device was constructed.  Once you obtain the right parts, you are capable of constructing said item with the proper resources.

Haywire Bug – At level 3, you learn the art of making machines go crazy!  When you strike a construct or machine with an attack, they must promptly roll a Constitution saving throw 8+Your Dex bonus+Your Prof bonus).  Failure results in one of the following (roll d6):

  1. Construct malfunctions for 1 round – Treat as if affected by the Confusion spell
  2. Construct is paralyzed for 1 round
  3. Construct falls prone; if the construct cannot fall prone, it is shoved back
  4. Construct is blinded and deafened for 1 round.
  5. Construct ignores all other targets except you.
  6. Nothing unusual happens.

You may use once before taking a short rest.  Upon reaching level 12, you may use this ability twice before a short rest.

Gizmo 1 – Upon reaching level 9, your knowledge of high tech aids you in sneaking and trickery.  And thanks to your connections, these upgrades didn’t cost you that much at all… beyond an arm or a leg, sometimes literally!  Maybe it’s just some weird gadget you cooked up in a dusty cellar.  In order to gain a gizmo, you must first take an extended rest after reaching the appropriate level.  If need be, the DM can rule that the gizmo must be given by a trusted source, if it’s not created independently.  For all intents and purposes, you always have this creation. If there is limited use in an ability, you must take the specific rest time minimum before using it again.  Choose one of the following:

  • Vanishing Act – You become invisible for 1 round.  Attacking an opponent or using a magical affect ends this effect early.  Otherwise, this effect ends at the end of your turn.  In order to use this ability again, you must take a short rest or long rest.
  • Sneaking Armor – You do not receive disadvantage on stealth checks while wearing any technological armor you are proficient with.
  • Improved Body/Physical Boost Shot – You gain a +1 bonus to two physical stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution).  You cannot put both +1s in the same stat.  You do not need a rest for this augmentation.
  • Mental Clarity/Mental Boost Shot – You gain a +1 bonus to two mental stats (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma).  You cannot put both +1s in the same stat.  You do not need a rest for this augmentation.
  • Speed Booster – When you take a dash action, your speed is tripled instead of doubled.  In order to use this ability again, you must take a short rest or long rest.
  • Careful Backstabber – When you sneak attack a target, add an extra 1d8 damage.  In order to use this ability again, you must take a short rest or long rest.
  • Shocking Charge – Upon hitting  a target with a melee attack, they must make a saving throw (based on Spell DC, but with Dexterity.)  Failure results in them taking 1d6 lightning damage and being unable to take reactions until their next turn.  At level 17, this damage increases to 2d6.  In order to use this ability again, you must take a short rest or long rest.
  • Climbing Spikes – You can retract or ready spikes from your joints for the purpose of making climbing easier (similar to the picture above.)  In addition, your arm spikes count as natural weapons that deal 1d4+Strength modifier piercing damage.  While active, you also gain proficiency bonus in checks involving climbing.  If you’re proficient in the skill you’re using to climb, gain double-proficiency bonus to climb instead.  You do not need a rest for this augmentation.
  • EMP Mini Generator – As an action, you can unleash an EMP wave within a 30 feet radius of you.  All artificial beings, constructs, and pieces of technology must roll a Constitution saving throw (Intelligence is your bonus for save DC) or deactivate for as many rounds as your Intelligence modifier.  You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.
  • Night Vision – Gain Darkvision out 60 feet if you don’t have it already.  If you already have Darkvision, extend your sight 30 more feet.

Incredible Stealth – Upon reaching level 13, your trainings in numerous stealthy arts as well as the augmentations in your body have lead to you becoming a master of the covert.  When using your Cunning Action to disengage or dash, you can make a Stealth check as part of that bonus action.  You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.

Gizmo 2 – At level 17, you gain the ability to enhance yourself well beyond mortal means; whether through magic or technology… or a combination of the two.  Unlike the previous gizmos, these are far more stable and usually don’t require time to cool down.  Choose one of the following:

  • Dermal Plate/Makeshift Suit – You gain +2 to your armor class, counting as a natural armor.  However, this bonus stacks with any armor you are proficient with.  You gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non-magical weapons.
  • Enhanced Senses/Zooming Goggles – You gain advantage in Investigation, Perception and Survival checks.
  • Jet Pack Upgrade – As a bonus action, you can bring forth a rocket pack augmented into your back.  As long as it is active, you gain a 30 feet flying speed.  However, using this indoors or inside dungeons is potentially dangerous.  To keep yourself from crashing into a wall or surface, you need to roll acrobatics checks (DC varies; starts at 15) or collide and fall to the ground.
  • Psionic Potential/Psychic Helmet – You gain Telepathy as a language out 120 ft. and can use Telekinesis (as per the spell) at-will.
  • Super Augmented – Choose another augmentation from the “Augmentation 1” list.  You gain use of that.  In addition, your first choice can be used at-will (if it was a limited resource.)
  • Dimension Hopper – You can use Misty Step at-will.  In addition, you may use Dimension Door once per long rest.

Reflavor, Reflavor, Reflavor!  I understand that a science-fantasy centric sub class doesn’t fit in many settings.  However, an easy reflavoring can get around that.  Similar to builds with the Arcane Trickster and Shadow Monk, this sub-class could be used to make a specialized ninja or stealth combat warrior.  In the case of the first ability, perhaps your training against organic beings is so flawless that your attacks are just as damaging against artificial creatures like golems.  Maybe you’re aiming for a character akin to the Street Samurai or Adept from the Shadowrun Setting, whose use of training, technology, and sometimes magic better improve their combat and physical abilities. In other settings, you could be a magically enchanted rogue whose strongly against the use of magitech or technology in general.  In the case of the computer game Arcanum, perhaps you’re striking back against the innovators and inventors who seek to rid the world of traditional magick.  In the Forgotten Realms setting, you could be a Chultan spy or a radical devotee to a druidic circle whose conspiring against the technological island of Lantan or the church of Gond Wonderbringer. If that doesn’t work, the augmentations can merely be toys and gadgets that were created and/or promoted by the resident Quartermaster.  This may or may not imply you’re James Bond though.  That or you have aspirations of being Batman.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Batman?

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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