Innovation – A Technological Domain for D&D 5th Edition

Divine Domains – Innovation

Your devotion extends far beyond Gods and Ideals, but shaping technology and other crafts of artifice to set your needs and goals.  To you, crafters of traditional magicks are below you and a detriment to the inevitable advancement of civilization.  All aspects of experimentation and engineering are at your mercy.  You don’t just have faith in super-science, you control it!

In terms of domains and belief, this domain is more than capable of existing in numerous settings.  In the case of Greyhawk, Myrlund the Cowboy hero might be a good match for heroes interested in weird western steampunk elements.  For the Forgotten Realms, one of the Gnomish deities or Gond Wonderbringer would be a perfect match.  Likewise, anything (Tinker) Gnome is perfect in the Dragonlance setting.  Of course, the Iron Gods themselves would work within Pathfinder’s Golarion.

Author’s note: This domain is heavily inspired by the Technocracy faction in the Original/Classic World of Darkness campaign, “Mage the Ascension”, not to mention the Iron Gods Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (available now!).  Of course Blackmoor, Eberron, and Iron Kingdoms had something to do with this.

Innovation Bonus Spells

Level      Spell

1            Identify, Stun Construct*

3            Heat Metal, Exhaust Cloud**

5            Electrical Surge***, Elemental Weapon

7            Fabricate, Reprogram Construct****

9            Animate Objects, Conjure Volley

Artifice Knowledge

You are now proficient with 1 Artisan tool of choice, and are trained in the Religion skill if you are not already.  You may use Mending as a cantrip, if you do not have it already.  In addition, you can substitute intelligence checks to understand technology with a Religion roll instead.

Channel Divinity: Animate Machine

When you use your Channel Divinity at level 2, you can take an action to activate and control an inactive machine or construct by pointing your holy symbol towards it.  This lasts for as many minutes as your Wisdom modifier.  When this effect ends, the construct or machine returns to being dormant.  Alternatively, you can animate an object, as per the spell “Animate Object”, but you can only animate one medium object or two small/tiny objects.

Mechanics Knack

Upon reaching level 6, you can use any healing based spell to heal constructs, animated objects, and related creatures as if you were repairing them.

Channel Divinity: Invigorate Construct

Upon reaching level 8, you can use your Channel Divinity to temporarily restore power to a machine or construct.  As an action, you point to several objects with your holy symbol.  You may select as many items as your Wisdom modifier within 30 feet of you.  For 1 minute, these items do not consume charges when used.  However, this ability only affects the technology while it’s in your hands.

Technician’s Trust

Upon reaching level 17, your bond with technology is truly incredible.  While engaged in combat against a machine or construct, you are under the effects of Sanctuary (at least in the case for constructs).  Furthermore, whenever you heal/repair a construct, add an additional die.  (i.e. You cast Cure Wounds, you gain an extra 1d8 without modifying spell level.)

* Stun Construct = Hold Person, applying to constructs and machines only.  This “new spell” does not effect anything besides constructs.

** Exhaust Cloud = Stinking Cloud

*** Electrical Surge = Lightning Bolt

**** Reprogram Construct = Dominate Beast, but targets constructs, machines, and related creations; despite normally being immune to charms.  This “new spell” does not effect anything besides constructs.

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast – Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Original concept based off various Wizards of the Coast properties.


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