Eldritch Domain – A Lovecraftian Cleric Domain for D&D 5th Edition


While warlocks are known for bargaining for arcane talents, many are not quite true devotees of worship.  To many, warlocks embody the morally ambiguous master, willing to dive into the dark depths of the cosmos to obtain power.  But, whose to say that clerical priests aren’t willing to succumb to such unfathomable madness?

The Eldritch Domain focuses on the dark forces that lurk beyond the wall of sleep.   Eldritch clerics have devoted their life to knowledge of things that should not be, many have gone irreversibly insane in the process.  The others remain stable enough to gain more forbidden knowledge of  secrets beyond the veil.  The Eldritch Gods promote secrecy, entropy, and eventual domination.  To them, their clerical pawns are a means to an end.  The world was theirs because a great sleep took hold of them.  Thanks to their servants, the day will come when they can reclaim their realm.


Cleric Level         Spells

1st                      Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Arms of Hadar

3rd                      Crown of Madness, Detect Thoughts

5th                      Fear, Hunger of Hadar

7th                      Confusion, Dimension Door

9th                      Contact Other Plane, Teleportation Circle

United by Madness

Beginning at level 1, you gain resistance to psychic damage.  In addition, you may add Deep Speech to languages you comprehend.  In addition, you gain the Message cantrip if you don’t have it already and can use it as a swift action instead of a regular action.

Channel Divinity: Visions from a Mad Prophet

Your faith in elder beings have granted a boon of distorted visions upon reaching level 2.  While most of these contain images of alien realms, apocalyptic futures, and incomprehensible foes; some detail your own future!  This ability works exactly like the Divination spell, except it does not take up a spell slot to use, nor are you able to ask questions.  You must use an action to activate it.  The Elder God simply gives you various relevant information scattered within dreamy and surreal imagery.  This information can involve quests, people you have/haven’t met yet, possible outcomes for yourself, and other bits of data.  It is typically presented in an ambiguous and vague manner.

Elder Sign out of Space

Starting at level 6, you can inflict the vile symbols of dark gods and darker obscenities upon your foes!  When you take an action to attack, you can instead make a ranged attack to a target up to 30 feet away that you can see with no obstructions or cover.  This attack uses your proficiency and wisdom modifier bonus.  Upon a successful hit, the target of your attack takes 3d6 psychic damage.  In addition, they succeed a save equal to 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Wisdom bonus or be blinded, deafened, and silenced for 1 round.  You may use this as many times as your Wisdom modifier before having to take a long rest.

Devourer of Sanity

Starting at level 8, whenever you deal psychic damage to a target, you can cause them to make an attack of opportunity on the nearest creature within their reach.  You must take a short rest before using this ability again.  However, you can also infuse dreadful energies into your weapon at-will.  When you hit with your weapon, the target takes an additional 1d8 psychic damage.  Upon reaching level 16, increase bonus damage to 2d8.

Distant Screams of the Far Realm

Starting at level 17, you gain the ability to unleash nightmares not met for the mortal mind upon your foes.  Use your action to select a target, they must make a save against this ability (8 + Proficiency + Wisdom Mod) or become unconscious for up to a total of 1 minute with concentration.  If they succeed this save, the enemy is instead Incapacitated until the start of your next round, afterwards they cannot be affected by this ability for 24 hours.  At the start of their turn, they can save again.  This ability requires concentration.  You must take a short rest before using this ability again.

IMAGE CREDIT: http://mrzarono.deviantart.com/art/The-Old-Ones-are-308310810

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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