Eldritch Domain – A Lovecraftian Cleric Domain for D&D 5th Edition


While warlocks are known for bargaining for arcane talents, many are not quite true devotees of worship.  To many, warlocks embody the morally ambiguous master, willing to dive into the dark depths of the cosmos to obtain power.  But, whose to say that clerical priests aren’t willing to succumb to such unfathomable madness?

The Eldritch Domain focuses on the dark forces that lurk beyond the wall of sleep.   Eldritch clerics have devoted their life to knowledge of things that should not be, many have gone irreversibly insane in the process.  The others remain stable enough to gain more forbidden knowledge of  secrets beyond the veil.  The Eldritch Gods promote secrecy, entropy, and eventual domination.  To them, their clerical pawns are a means to an end.  The world was theirs because a great sleep took hold of them.  Thanks to their servants, the day will come when they can reclaim their realm.


CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION HERE!  It’s more focused around the cosmos as a whole, but it still retains a bit of that Lovecraftian flavor.

IMAGE CREDIT: http://mrzarono.deviantart.com/art/The-Old-Ones-are-308310810

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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