Tormented Horror – A Crazed Abomination for D&D 5th Edition

EDIT AUG 2018: Find the updated version here!

You encounter a warped humanoid contorted by numerous torture devices.  This pitiful creature was once an average human, detained by its wicked captors and relentlessly abused.  Due to the heavily mutilated appearance, it is almost impossible to tell who this being once was.  Rods and nails are imbedded all around the being’s flesh, as its eyelids and lips are permanently pinned open; creating an image of pure terror.  The poor being’s form has been changed by heinous experiments too disgusting to imagine.  With a feverish madness, the creature babbles incoherently while lunging for you in rage and anguish.

Tormented Horrors are beings that continue to live after ages of relentless pain at the hands of another.  While most would die, they are imbued continued life through supernatural means  Many of these people were prisoners, sometimes patients in an institution.  However, dark forces intervened and lead to an eternal misery.  No one is certain what affected them; demons, elder gods, and evil magic have been common theories.  No matter their origin, their grim end is always similar.  Their frustration and pain has caused these uneasy souls to continue to remain in their deformed and mangled bodies, rather than just pass away.  Because of their maddened state, they are prone to violence against any creature that has not suffered like them.  Perhaps in their deranged state, they believe all who haven’t been tortured are like their old captors and must pay for their sins.  In the end, all it truly desires is to finally die.


Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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