Eldritch Ooze – A Parasitic Evil for D&D 5th Edition

EDIT AUGUST 2018: Find the new version here!


The fear of contamination is a rational one in the multiverse!  Plagues of the living dead, being consumed and replaced with an alien copy, the dread curse of vampirism, and more torment the minds of countless victims.  One threat such threat is far distanced from the Material Plane.  This threat is known as the “Eldritch Ooze.”

Despite its name, this creature isn’t so much an ooze, but an oil-like parasite that slinks into the creature’s nervous system and takes over it entirely.  Most of the time, the only method of discerning a controlled person is black and cloudy looking eyes.  When the creature is ready to strike, it begins to pour out of a victim’s eye sockets, mouth, and sometimes elsewhere as well.  Victims are seen retching and gasping in unfathomable pain as the liquid abomination slithers slowly outside of several orifices.  Some have been lucky enough to resist it, but these are few and far between.  Another aspect of this creature is its ability to produce spawn while inside a victim, spreading its vile essence while keeping control of its current host.  To prevent such an atrocity from spreading on a wide scale would result in an apocalyptic event.  Even worse is the motivations and intentions of this creature are completely unknown.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Original idea from The X-Files, a property of 20th Century Media/Fox Entertainment.


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