The Force – A Star Wars-Themed Patron for D&D 5th Edition


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  It was a period of Civil War!

A great clash between an ancient council and the corrupt empire lasted ages.  While the empire was sundered in the end, the council was shaken beyond repair in the early days of the conflict.  Now, only the worthy are able to carry on the ancient traditions and powers that come with this cosmic society.

(Yes, I know that’s not quite how the force works!  But, mechanically, The Warlock is best suited to replicate The Jedi from the Star Wars series.)

Level —————— Spell

Lv. 1                          Command, Shield

Lv. 2                          Haste, Nondetection

Lv. 3                          Blink, Slow

Lv. 4                          Compulsion, Confusion

Lv. 5                          Mislead, Telekinesis


Path of the Energy Wielder: You are proficient with Energy Swords.  (It’s strongly recommended you take Pact of the Blade at level 3.)

Willpower Manipulation: When you take this patron at level 1, you can choose to swap out the damage in your spells for force damage instead.  In addition, you gain Message as a cantrip if you don’t have it already.

Psychic Shove: Upon reaching level 6, you can take advantage of foes that open themselves up.  Whenever you take an attack action against any creature up to 30 ft. away, you can take a bonus attack to push them away with telekinetic force.  Creatures must succeed a Dexterity save (using your spell save DC) or they take 2d4 force damage and are moved up to 20 ft. away.  Success results in nothing happening.  You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.

Mental Barrier: Upon reaching level 10, your connection the force makes you less prone to pain from mental and force based attacks.  You gain resistances to force and psychic damage if you do not have this already.

Brilliant Duelist:  When you reach level 14, you gain unlimited use of Psychic Shove, only while wielding an Energy Sword.  Furthermore, gain the following options for your Mystic Arcanum.  You can swap out any previously chosen Arcanum from the following when you take a long rest:

Level ———— Spell

Lv. 6             Find the Path, Otto’s Irresistible Dance (, Mass Suggestion)

Lv. 7             Project Image, Reverse Gravity (, Forcecage)

Lv. 8             Mind Blank, Power Word Stun (, Dominate Monster)

Lv. 9             Time Stop, Weird (, Foresight)


New Equipment – Energy Sword

250 GP*; 1d4 force and 1d4 slashing damage; 5 lbs; Finesse

*Force-locks obtain an energy sword free of cost; They can also choose this as their Pact Weapon if they go Pact of the Blade.

Upgrade – Vorpal Energy Sword

Requires 5000 GP, training under a Force Master for at least 1 month.

The Energy Sword becomes a Vorpal sword as listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (p. 209)


New Invocation – Force Restoration

Prerequisite: Force patron, 11th level

Once per long rest, you can use an action to revive an ally who died within 1 minute of time.  However, you must sacrifice 1d4 of your own hit points due to the process being very draining upon your spirit and personal power.  Besides the health sacrifice, this works exactly like Revivify.

New Invocation – Unlimited Power

Prerequisite: Force patron, 13th level

You may cast Chain Lightning once per long rest without expending a spell slot.  In addition, you may add Chain Lightning to the list of spells you know.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Inspired by Star Wars, a property of Lucas Films and Disney.


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