Firearms in D&D 5th Edition Part 2 – The Shootist (A Fighter Path Archetype)

New Martial Archetype Path

The Shootist


Few walk the path of the Shootist, for it is a lonesome path.  Very few understand the power of fire and steel cascading together in tactics of war and epic combat.  Rarely has such a sight been seen by mundane eyes, save for you.  You are one of the special chosen, trained in the art of the gun.  For you, a firearm is an extension of yourself.  The firearm is a symbol of many things; life, death, law, chaos, peace, war, and much more.  On this path, you decide which meaning is true of you.

Through rigorous training with gun based weapons, you become a skilled sharpshooting master.  Your deadeye with the firearms makes you a formidable foe given the proper range.  With a well timed shot and proper aim, you can take down countless foes. Sharpshooting Beginning when you choose this martial archetype at level 3, you gain access to Sharpshooter points.  Sharpshooter Points can be used to perform a variety of martial stunts while wielding a firearm based weapon.  You start 2 points and usually expend at least 1 when doing a stunt.  Every 3 levels you gain 1 extra point.  Upon spending all points available, you must take a short rest to regain up to 1 point back or take a long rest to regain up to your maximum.  Other methods of regaining a point is by killing an enemy that is threatening to your team and is not helpless in any kind up to once per short rest.  Your sharpshooter point maximum may never go above half your total level (rounded up)

Quick Reloader Upon reaching 3rd level, you take less time to reload a gun-based weapon.  Instead of reloading as Action/Bonus, reload as a Free Action/Automatic once per round.  At level 9, you can continue to reload as many times as you can attack.
CAMPAIGN OPTION: While it normally takes your action to reload, it now takes your movement instead.  Upon reaching 9th level, it takes your bonus action.  Upon reaching 15th level, reloading is automatic.  (This assumes you’re using the rules in my Firearms document.)
One with the Gun When you reach level 7, firearms in your hands count as magical for purposes of damage and damage resistance, as per the Monk’s ability.  In addition, you don’t receive disadvantage for firing within melee range.
Collect Bounty By level 10, your knowledge of gun fighting has become stronger.  You add proficiency bonus to damage on targets you have hit with a previous attack.  If you attack a new target or miss, you cannot gain the benefit of this ability for that round.  Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until next round.  You also recognize any target you’ve encountered before as long as you get a quick look at them.
A Deed is Done Upon reaching level 15, you must choose one maneuver from the list.  You spend 1 less Sharpshooting point on that maneuver.
CAMPAIGN OPTION: In addition, when using a broken gun, you may reroll an explosion roll.  Upon reaching level 20, you treat any broken firearm in your hands as if it wasn’t broken.  (If you’re not using this campaign option, ignore this ability.)
Maneuvers Along with Sharpshooter points, you gain maneuvers you can spend said points on.  As you level up in this archetype, you gain more maneuvers.

  • Trick Shot – Your firearm prowess allows you to perform a variety of tricks by spending 1 point:

      – Lock Breaker – Make an attack roll against a lock with advantage.  Most locks have an AC of 8.  More fortified have an AC of 16.  A heavily fortified lock has an AC of 24.  A magically enforced lock usually has an AC of 30.  Upon hit, the lock is destroyed and cannot be repaired outside of magical intervention.       

– Close Wounds – You can fire off a gun and press it against the wound of a badly injured ally.  When you encounter one creature who is unconscious and dying, you can use use a point to stabilize them.  You do not have to roll an attack to use this ability, shooting in the air or away from harm works too.       
– Move Unused Object – You can attempt an attack roll on a small object or smaller.  Upon hit, you can move the object up to 15 feet.  This does not damage the object in any way.

  • Dead Eye’s Shot – When you use this maneuver, you gain advantage against an enemy while within 30 ft of them.  You must spend 1 point.  Upon reaching level 6, you can spend 3 points to gain the Champion’s high critical ability against this target.
  • Pistol-Whip – When you use this maneuver, you can make a melee attack with your gun by spending 1 point.  You are counted as proficient with this attack as a finesse weapon.  It deals 1d6 damage.  If you hit, you can use a Dexterity (acrobatics) check as bonus action to try to knock an enemy prone.  You must be level 5 to use this maneuver.
  • Brutal Shot – When you use this maneuver, you concentrate on a particularly painful shot by spending 1 point.  When you hit with an attack, add an extra die of damage as if it were a critical hit.  This maneuver does not stack with actual critical hits.  You can only use this maneuver once per round.  You must be level 9 to use this maneuver.
  • Artful Dodger – You have become more quick on your feet while training with guns.  When you use this maneuver, you gain the Rogue’s Evasion and Uncanny Dodge abilities for as long as you have at least 1 Sharpshooting Point.  You must be level 10 to use this maneuver.  You do not have to spend a point to use this.
  • Rapid Fire – When you use this maneuver, you unload more ammunition on a foe.  Whether it’s bullets impossibly jammed into a gun’s barrel or multiple barrels ready for action, you unleash hell.  Roll up to 3 attacks, if any of them hit, you hit the opponent.  Each hit does its own damage.  You must spend at least 2 points to use this maneuver.  Also, you can use this maneuver once per round.  Also, you must be level 12 in order to use it.
  • CAMPAIGN OPTION: Jury Rig – When you have a “broken” firearm, you can spend 1 point to temporarily fix it for up to 1 minute as an action.  You must be level 13 to use this maneuver.  (Note:  This only applies to my firearm campaign option, not the DMG.)
  • Luck of the Shootist – You may spend 2 points to reroll any attack roll, skill check, or saving throw.  You must take your second roll.  You must be level 15 in order to use this maneuver.
  • Death’s Gaze – You can attempt to coup-de-grace an enemy as if it were helpless when you score a hit against them.  If you succeed, you must take a short rest before using this ability again.  This costs 2 points to use and you must be level 18 to use this maneuver.
  • Cheating Death – When you are brought to 0 HP, you can spend the rest of your Sharpshooter Points to go to 1 HP instead.  You must be level 20 to use this maneuver.

EDIT: Modified abilities to be more in line with DMG.  Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Inspired by the Dark Tower sage by Stephen King, as well as the Gunslinger from Paizo Pathfinder.  Modified 07/08/15


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