The Starving Thinker – An Eldritch Abomination for D&D 5th Edition

EDIT AUGUST 2018: This post is updated here!  Needless to say, I’ve come a long way, as this was one of my first monsters.

It is unknown who created such a vile monstrosity, but none the less these things lurk the cosmos.  It is rumored that their existence was a total accident.  Planar lore suggests that these creatures are a mix of powerful psychic energy, extreme violence, and raw hateful emotion; manifesting into a barely humanoid creature.  It is not uncommon for these creatures to dwell on planar battlefields, sights of a brutal massacre, or unholy ritual grounds.  These creatures aimlessly wander unto it comes across an organic creature, in which it begins to pace towards it as fast as it can, unleashing wretched psionic attacks upon it.

Their function is simple, slay a living creature and add its last moments to its memory.  Worse is the fact this creature is literally composed of little images of peoples’ final moments, mashed into a humanoid mosaic.  Witnesses claim they can hear many voices of anguish coming from one Thinker, even though those voices never belonged to it.  All of the mosaic-like pieces from the Thinker are typically victims long since dead, existing to remind onlookers what could happen to them if they dare mess with the Starving Thinker!  What’s worse is this creature can create another double once one devours enough memories, splitting into two or more bipedal horrors.  Their whole existence is proliferation of their species while devouring everything else.  To make matters worse, these creatures display no emotion or response to their actions; signifying they aren’t aware of their actions, but it’s more likely that they simply don’t care.  All of this has rightfully earned the creature the name “Walking Snuff Film” on their home world, (urban arcana) Earth, due to the fact moving images of gruesome deaths are tattooed to their “flesh.”

Despite its somewhat brutish abilities, this creature is a brilliant tactician.  It will find ways to trap enemies before draining them.  More than anything, it prefers to single out any target it can separate from the group.  However, this lowly creature is also cowardly.  When it becomes too weak, it will telepathically intimidate as well as use its holding abilities while it tries to escape.

Author’s Note: This was in made in reference to a Lovecraftian request.  Also, I wanted to make this creature something that would fit in a bizarro science fiction setting a la Doctor Who!  Also, this marks the first post of my science-fantasy project…  HOORAY!

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Inspired by Doctor Who, a BBC property.  Also inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


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