Ratfolk – A Bipedal Rodent Race (& Monster) for D&D 5th Edition

EDIT OCTOBER 2018: For anyone who supports Doc on Patreon, you can check out the draft here.  It will be updated and changed there.




Rodents of Unusual Size


Like their overworld mountain born allies, the Ursine, these creatures are an unnatural race.  When news of powerful beastmen swept into underground kingdoms ruled by foul beings such as the deep elves, fungoloids, and other dreadfel beings; they sought their own answer.  Inspired by a clan of wererats that had infected a deep elven city before being purged by their high priests, a new race was born.  Just like their wererat inspiration, these beasts melded humanoid and rodent and were taught the ways of subterfuge and trickery.  Some were mutated by the experiments, readying them for horrific environments that would be torture to many.  After ages of being used as tools to observe the overworld, many broke free to form their own societies.  The angry deep elves were less than pleased by this idea and still vow to exterminate these “profligates” for their failure to serve.


Communal Lifestyles and Fearful Disposition


Within modern Ratfolk society, community is highly regarded.  This is due to the cramped and tight nature of warrens.  Countless clans will inhabit a warren, as resources are distributed to ensure survival of as many as possible.


5 thoughts on “Ratfolk – A Bipedal Rodent Race (& Monster) for D&D 5th Edition

    • I’ve pondered creating a rabbit race, let alone a whole Redwall-esque ensemble. Granted, I’ve been devoting my time to planar/sci-fi/horror stuff, as that’s what I prefer to do. I might craft more beastly races when I jump to my next theme, Fae.


      • Good idea, in the one idea I have for a kind of ray gun gothic spelljammer I am going to bringing in a lot of monsters from pathfinder to give it that lovecraft feeling. I was less than impressed with some aspects of Dragonstar back in 3E but the idea of making illithids this master race of alien adversaries was brilliant in my estimation. All the animal races here are on my radar as potential PC races in that respect. But I also like to combine sci-fi; horror and fantasy as much as possible.


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