Oath of Steel – A Brotherhood of Steel inspired Paladin Oath for D&D 5th Edition


The only salvation this tortured planet and its people have. Without us, humanity is sure to perish.”

The Oath of Steel is one of the most secretive and powerful oaths within the Realm.  For it is not merely acceptance into a fraternal order, but a new way of life dedicated to artifice, archiving, and absolute devotion.  In the end, they want to see life prosper, they just have a very misinformed and misguided approach to their methods.  Couple that with a paranoid xenophobia, it may be hard to gain their trust.  Despite criticisms of religious fanaticism and a crypto-fascist approach to politics, this paladin chapter is still a very potent and valuable ally.

While their origins are shrouded in mystery that only a few elite know, there are some details they are willing to share.  Before a great catastrophe, this order was part of a greater military.  As massive war broke out and the situation grew more grim, the order fortified themselves within a bunker to wade out the situation while readying military tactics.  Before they were ready to strike their enemy, the surrounding area was destroyed by some incredible power.  This soured the order greatly, leading to many of their reclusive tendencies.  Under the guidance of Father Maxson, they were able to persevere and recuperate after surviving what could have been the end of all things.  Many new leaders arose and brought the Order to greatness, while preserving secrets not meant for the outside world.


Tenets of Steel

The Covenant of Steel (also known as “Steel Heads” and “Steelbros”) is a reclusive religious order dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of technologies.  For them, ensuring the outside population doesn’t misuse and abuse these artifacts is priority one.  Often, they will hassle locals who’ve discovered these items, so they give them up to the Covenant instead.  All Steel Heads follow codes with hyper-militaristic zeal, devoting themselves to an extreme method of law and order in the process.

Remain Rational – The wastes outside your underground home are brutal and taxing.  It is your responsibility to stay level headed.

Protect Technology – Technology is rightfully ours!  We seek to protect, archive, and reproduce incredible feats of technology; so the innovators of the past may never be forgotten.

Destroy Savages – Savages in the outside world do not understand our motives and would only abuse the very knowledge we’ve salvaged and re-purposed.  We must destroy all who oppose us.

Uphold Order – Father Maxson had given his all to ensure a safer world for his order.  Repay him in full with absolute devotion to the cause, a strong sense of duty, and an absolute adherence to Covenant order!


Order of Cynicism Spells

Paladin Level                    Spells

3rd                    Comprehend Languages, Identify

5th                    Enhance Ability, Heat Metal

9th                   Protection from Energy, Stinking Cloud

13th                   Dimension Door, Freedom of Movement

17th                   Cloudkill, Conjure Volley


Channel Divinity – Tech Manipulation – When take this Oath at level 3, you can use your channel divinity to try to take control of a technological device as an action.  Just like with spells, enemy machines must make an Intelligence save against your channel divinity (using charisma for save modifier.  If they fail, they are under your control for 1 minute.  Once this effect ends, you must use Technology/Intelligence checks to continue to hack the machine.

Channel Divinity – Scribe’s Knack – When you choose to use this channel divinity, you concentrate on your years of studio vast information within the Oath’s vaults.  You gain advantage on any skill required for recalling knowledge. (This typically involves Intelligence skills, but the DM can grant other skills if the check involves recollection of knowledge the character likely encountered.)

Faith in Maxson – Upon reaching Level 7, you gain proficiency with Steel Oath Powered Armor. Now, earning the right to have your own pair of armor is another more social and political matter. If you have already taken a feat to use Powered Armor, you instead gain the following benefit: While wearing Powered Armor, you can add your Dexterity modifier to your AC if you choose. You also don’t take Disadvantage on Stealth rolls.
In addition, you gain proficiency to any Intelligence checks involving technology, as if it were a class skill. (Alternative: You gain a new Int class skill – Technology. You are trained in it. This applies to tech knowledge and application.)

Wasteland Proof – Your training in the outside world has hardened you against deadly poisons and horrible toxins as you reach level 15. You are still resistant to Necrotic and Radiant Damage (alternatively: Radiation Damage) if you are not wearing powered armor. You are immune to this damage if you are wearing it. In addition, you can use Protection from Energy at-will, without spending a spell slot.

Vault Elder – Upon becoming level 20, you have reached a paragon of Oath training. As an action, you may channel all of your knowledge and power into the pinnacle of fighting machine. However, it’s too challenging to maintain it for too long or to attempt again without rest, due to being highly stressful. This effect lasts for 1 minute and grants the following:

  • Immunity to Poison damage and Poisoned condition; Resistance to Cold and Fire damage.
  • +2 bonus to Armor Class while in Powered Armor
  • Advantage on Attacks using high technological weaponry
  • You automatically succeed checks for identifying/understanding technology.

You must take a long rest before using this ability again.


Steel Oath Powered Armor –

750 GP; 17 AC; Req. 13 STR; Disadvantage on Stealth; 50 lbs.; Resistance to Radiant & Necrotic damage (or just “Radiation Damage”) while worn.

Steel Oath Blast Rifle –

800 GP; 3d6 Lightning Damage; 20 lbs.; Ammunition (range 60 ft./120 ft.), Steel Oath, Two-Handed, Heavy

Steel Oath Laser Pistol –

600 GP; 2d6 Fire Damage; 10 lbs.; Ammunition (range 30 ft./60 ft.), Steel Oath, Heavy

Steel Oath Plasma Cannon –

1000 GP; 4d4 Force Damage, SPECIAL; 40 lbs; Steel Oath, Ammunition (range 40 ft./80 ft.)Two-Handed, Heavy; Req. 15 STR

Charging Dock –

150 GP each; 1d6 charges per Long Rest; 2 lbs

The Blast Rifle is a state of the art hunting rifle used for more distant troopers.

The Laser Pistol is a standard issue front line weapon seen on nearly all paladins of this oath.

The Plasma Cannon is a special weapon designed to launch grenade like explosives from a fair distance.  Upon touching down, all creatures within 10 ft. of the target must make a dexterity save or take the same amount of damage;success = half damage.


Weapons with this property run in charge-like devices rather than normal ammunition.  You must use a long rest to charge this kind of weaponry.


Requirements: Heavy Armor Proficiency, Receive Some Sort of Training Under the Oath of Steel

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I’m a HUGE fan of the Fallout series and this Paladin order is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Steel faction from the games.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Based off the Brotherhood of Steel from the Fallout video games.  Fallout is a property of Obsidian Games and Bethesda.


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