Technocracy – A Technological Warlock Patron for D&D 5th edition


“While many patrons prove to be truly wicked souls, The Technocracy has good intentions in mind.  Their aim is the betterment of the world around them through less sporadic and potentially destructive uses of energy.  Through innovations in super-science, everyday life can be bolstered in ways magic can not provide.  The average person is incapable of using magic, but science makes all things approachable in time!  For you see, The Technocracy is a patron for only the most noble and virtuous!”

– Torbin Abilanzin, Technocracy Benefactor.

For ages, you’ve dreamed of progressing the world forward.  Something about a world saturated in arcane power feels tainted and backwards.  Then you realized, there are like-minded beings in the multiverse who share your plight!  Ever since, you have joined forces with an emerging movement that refers to itself as “The Technocracy.”  By becoming the essence of technology itself, you can one day cleanse the world of its mystical imperfections and supernatural chaos.

Technocracy Patron Bonus Spells –

Spell Level      Spell

1                     Detect Magic, Stun Construct*

2                     Enhance Ability, Automated Laser Beam**

3                     Electrical Surge***, Protection from Energy

4                     Phantasmal Killer, Reprogram Construct****

5                     Dominate Person, Force Field*****

* Stun Construct = Hold Person, applying to constructs and machines

** Automated Laser Beam = Scorching Ray

*** Electrical Surge = Lightning Bolt

**** Reprogram Construct = Dominate Beast, but targets constructs, machines, and related beings; despite normally being immune to charms.

***** Force Field = Wall of Force

Neophyte of Scientific Enlightenment –

When you gain this ability at level 1, you can use an action to detect outsiders hailing from other realms or dimensions (demons, devils, angels, etc) as well as magical beings and magic-users with 60 ft. of you.  This works like the Detect Magic and Divine Sense spells/abilities.  This effect is instantaneous, but the “glow” lasts for 1 minute.  You may use this ability for as many times as your Charisma modifier before taking a long rest.

You can use Message as a Cantrip and are proficient with 2 artisan tools of choice.

Rage throughout the Machine –

Upon reaching level 6, a higher ranked order member grants you the power of augmentation.  You are eligible to receive a cybernetic implant during your next long rest.  The agent administering the upgrade will ensure the process is executed in utmost secrecy.  When you receive a cybernetic implant, gain one of the following boons:

  • Improved Speed: Gain +10 feet to your speed.
  • Cyber Claws: Your hands work as claws, dealing 1d4 slashing damage each.  (This is compatible with Martial Arts.)
  • Surge Blast:  You can shoot lightning arcs from your arms.  This works as a ranged weapon and deals 3d6 + your charisma modifier lightning damage; it uses charisma for attack.  You must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.
  • Integrated Armor: Gain a +1 bonus to AC, with or without wearing armor.
  • Handgun Hand:  You have an integrated weapon in your mechanical hand.  You can change it to a gun as a movement action.  This weapon deals 1d8 bludgeoning and piercing damage + your dexterity modifier; it uses dexterity for attack.
  • Arm Blade: Your integrated weapon is a retractable blade you can attack enemies with.  As a bonus action, you can deploy or retract the blade.  The blade deals d6 piercing damage and is a finesse/light weapon.
  • Ultra-Vision:  You gain Darkvision out 60 ft. if you don’t have it already.  If you do, add an extra 60 ft. to your range.  In addition, you can activate a Blindsense for a limited amount of time.  As a bonus action, you can gain the effects of Blindsense out 30 ft.  This lasts for as many minutes as your Constitution modifier and you must take a long rest before using it again.

Of Techwork Obscura –

You are proficient with “Alien Technology” as listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (and my own work.)  Prices to obtain these items within your ranks may vary, but will most certainly be expensive.  In addition, you can use artisan tools to create your own charges (as many as your proficiency bonus) for technological devices while you take a long rest.  You cannot use this feature for 24 hours, in effort to conserve supplies and maintain secrecy of your craft.

Heavy Metal Machine –

Your knowledge of super-science has turned you into a lethal combatant!  Any ingrained technology abilities (like cybernetics) take one less step in resting now (Long Rest > Short Rest; Short Rest > 1/Round).  In addition, you can choose from the following augmentations:

  • Ability Improvement – Boost a stat by 2 points
  • Flight Pack – Gain a Flight speed equal to your Movement; 1/Short Rest you can use wings/boosters to kick up dust to impose disadvantage on all attackers within 10 ft. of you for one round.
  • Drill Hand – Gain d12 piercing weapon; counts as finesse; 2d6 versatile (cannot duel wield with another drill); gain Burrow speed equal to half your movement.  You can swap to and from this weapon as a movement.
  • Lethal Injector – You can launch syringes filled with a deadly poison, which you can also jab into enemies; functions as melee OR ranged; Touch 5 ft./ Ranged 40 ft./80 ft.; conjure up to 6 darts before long rest; finesse weapons; darts deal 1d8 necrotic; Must make DC (8 + Prof + Chr) or take 1d8 more poison damage.
  • X-Ray Vision – You can sense through walls and other barriers for up to 60 ft. away from you.  If the barrier is thicker than 5 ft., you must roll a Perception check.  At 10ft., you gain disadvantage.  If barrier is 20 ft or more, you can’t use it.

New Invocation – Machine Manipulation

Prerequisite: Level 10

You can attempt an Arcana check or Slight of Hand to “hack” a construct.  Success and check amount depends on complexity of the machine.  If this succeeds, they are effectively charmed under your control for 1 minute.  You cannot focus on more than one machine under your control.  Once this charm-like effect ends, they will try to resume previous duties.  If the machine had no reason to turn hostile toward you, it will remain neutral.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Based off the Mage roleplaying game by White Wolf Games.


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