Mutations (Part 2) – Drawbacks – Fantastic Mutagenic Powers for D&D


As one would expect, there are many downsides to being a mutant… aside from being a social pariah!

NOTE: Benefits (and rules basics) can be found here.


DRAWBACKS (D100 Roll for random)

(1 – 12) Ability Decay *2P – You gain a permanent -2 to one ability score, you cannot affect an ability score that is already 4 or lower.  Choose one of the following or roll a d6 to choose:

  1. Strength (1 – 2)
  2. Dexterity (3 – 4)
  3. Constitution (5 – 6)
  4. Intelligence (7 – 8)
  5. Wisdom (9 – 10)
  6. Charisma (11 – 12)

(13 – 14) BSOD *4P – Whenever you encounter something that would require a fear roll, a horror roll, or are targeted by a mind-affecting spell; you are also paralyzed if you fail the roll.  You must save v paralysis (equal to original effect’s save) to break the effect.

(15 – 16) Useless Limb *4P – One of your limbs are totally useless.  Choose either an arm of leg; your arm results in not being able to equip 2H weapons as well as not being able to equip anything (such as shields) in the dead arm nor are you able to treat it as a “free/open hand” (for items), your leg results in your speed cut in half, it also takes an action to stand up after being knocked prone.

(17 – 18) Grotesque *2P- You are absolutely disgusting, your form distorts and warps into something truly horrifying.  You have disadvantage on Animal Handling checks as well as all Charisma checks (except for Intimidate; which you have advantage on).  Others will assume you’re always up to no good (hence disadvantage on deception).  Merchants might charge you more or reject to serve you.

(19 – 20) Ridiculously Rotund *3P – You count as a large creature, but gain no benefits.  Your speed is always reduced by 10 ft.  At the end of an encounter, you must make a Constitution save of 14 or take one level of exhaustion.  However, you can slam attack for 1d6 bludgeoning damage rather than use a weapon.

(21 – 22) Warped Speech *3P – You have trouble speaking with others; sometimes you’ll speak backwards and sometimes you’ll speak absolute gibberish.  You must roll a Charisma saving throw when you try to speak equal to DC 15.  If you fail, your speech will sound like garbled nonsense.  You must make this save before doing Charisma skill checks.

(23 – 24) Thin as a Skeleton *3P – You are skeletal in frame.  Physical damage against you is increased by one die tier (i.e. 1d6 > 1d8), as a part of your brittle state.  You also have trouble when fighting off health related issues, imposing disadvantage on Constitution saving throws.  However, you gain advantage against saving against grapple checks.

(25 – 26) Fused Fingers *3P – Your fingers fuse together into “lobster-like” hands.  Using weaponry becomes harder, imposing disadvantage on all attack rolls.  You cannot use weapons with a triggers like crossbows or firearms.

(27 – 28) Pin head *4P – Your head shrinks slightly and puts pressure on your brain; causing the victim to suffer effects similar to microcephaly.  You lose 2 points of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma immediately and have a small head shape.

(29 – 30) Unstable Shape *5P – When you take damage greater than 10 in one hit, make a Constitution saving throw (their proficiency + their strength/dexterity + 8) or fall into an amorphous blob.  You are Paralyzed until you succeed save as an action.

(31 – 32) Living Dead *4P – You look like a zombie and smell like one too.  You always suffer third level of exhaustion and you look pretty hideous too.  When you use a Charisma check, enemies always have advantage in an attempt to counter your attempt.  You gain proficiency to the Intimidate skill.

(33 – 34) Easy to Pick out *1P – You have a strange skin color.  It takes twice as long to disguise yourself, otherwise you have disadvantage on the check.  You also have disadvantage on any Dexterity (Stealth) check to hide within a crowd.  Creatures gain advantage on checks to find you.

(35 – 36) Enraging Presence *3P – Your presence angers those around you.  In combat, you will always be a choice target among foes whenever you are a convenient target.  Furthermore, targets that dislike you must make a Wisdom saving throw (8 + their proficiency + Wisdom modifier) or become hostile toward you immediately.  Those who succeed don’t have to roll for another 24 hours.

(37 – 38) Blind *3P – You cannot see.  You have the blinded condition active at all times and cannot lose it unless you are given magical or technological means of sight.  You cannot select this mutation if you have Dark vision.

(39 – 40) Slowpoke *2P – Reduce all of your speed stats by 10 feet.  Alternatively, reduce just your land speed by 20 feet.

(41 – 42) Dead Sinuses *1P – Your sinuses are bust-o!  You cannot use sense to smell and your taste buds are shot too!  You cannot use sense to taste either.   You cannot take this if you have Keen Smell or Keen Taste.

(43 – 44) Deep Wounds *4P – Every time you’re hit by an attack, take 1d4 extra points of damage.

(45 – 46) Mute *3P – You’ve lost the ability to speak.  This functions as if you were affected by the Silence spell, except this is constant.  You cannot cast any spells that require a verbal component.  You cannot speak.

(47 – 48) Deaf *3P – You cannot hear.  You have the deafened condition active at all times and cannot lose it unless you are given magical or technological means of hearing.  You cannot select this mutation if you have Echolocation.

(49 – 50) Forcefully Evolved Mutant *4P – In addition to some brutal disfigurements, you are completely infertile.  It is likely that other mutants like you will cease to exist after all of you die.  Furthermore, your mind has become numb to the effects of the mutagenic source; thus making you an easier target against various mental powers.  You gain disadvantage on all Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom saving throws.  Your mind has also been impaired by your drastic mutation, reduce your mental stats (being Int, Wis, and Chr) by 2 points each.  However, you gain a +2 bonus to all physical attributes, with a maximum of 20 (to Str, Dex, and Con).  You may also gain the benefits of the Growth mutation, if you obtain the Grotesque and Easy to Pick drawbacks.

(51 – 52) Healing Defiance *5P – Healing based psionics and magic have no effect on you.  You must be healed through natural means.  Furthermore, healing potions and super-science means of healing are half as effective as usual.

(53 – 54) Ghostly Image *3P – You have unstable telepathic projections.  At least once per short rest, you randomly create an illusion based on an intense emotion or memory as a free action.  The illusion has both an image as well as sounds to accompany it.  You are affected by this image as well and have disadvantage on the saving throw.  Use your spellcasting stat for spell stat and saving throw.

(55 – 56) Telekinetic Magnetism *3P – When you try to perceive an environment, you accidently take in a little more than the view.  Whenever you roll perception, insight, or investigation (to seek something); you must also roll a charisma saving throw of 12.  If you fail, a random object (of DM’s discretion) will fly toward you as a basic ranged attack with +3 bonus; dealing d6+3 damage (depending on object) on hit.  (The DM can see if the object is damaged or destroyed.)

(57 – 58) Weak Immune System *3P – Your fortitude against infections and other afflictions is poor.  You gain Disadvantage on all checks related to diseases, poisons and curses.

(59 – 60) Weak Body *4P – You have trouble sustaining damage.  You gain Disadvantage on all Death Saving throws.

(61 – 62) Fearful *2P – Your mental defense against fear and outside influence has diminished.  Gain disadvantage on all fear or related mind-affecting abilities and spells.

(63 – 64) Sweat Gland Overload *3P – You sweat and cry profusely, making it hard to keep water in your system.  You must drink twice as much water as a “normal person”.   Plus, you’re a lot harder to approach by “normal people”, imposing disadvantage on all Charisma rolls if you don’t clean yourself at least once every short rest or long rest.

(65 – 66) Rose Tinted Glasses *4P – Whenever you encounter an area that is familiar, you get lost in nostalgia.  Any place you have a historical knowledge of (history ranging from a couple of years ago to your childhood to actual historical), you must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 14) or become Charmed by the environment.  You become transfixed by the familiar environment and will continue to be so until someone tries to snap you out of it (causing another saving throw.)

(67 – 68) Bloodlust – *1P If you do not kill a creature and perform some ritual involved with it (eat raw flesh, drink blood, etc) within a 24 hour period, you have disadvantage on all skill checks, saving throws, and other abilities.  However, you do not have disadvantage on attack rolls.  You cannot knock a creature out or deal non-lethal damage while in this state.  Killing a creature and performing the ritual ends this effect.  If the ritual does not require murder (like drinking blood) and are not in a bloodlust state, you can receive help from a willing ally.

(69 – 70) Bad Back *4P – Somehow, it became easier for you to throw out your back.  When you equip or remove a piece of equipment, if your current inventory weight is over 10 x your Strength modifier (Minimum is always 10 lbs.),  you must roll a strength save equal to (8 + Your Strength Modifier + Your Proficiency Bonus) or strain yourself.  While strained, you have disadvantage on attack rolls and physical based skills.

(71 – 72) Flammable *5P – Your sweat is sticky and smells like tar.  It takes an easy nature or perception check to detect that you smell like oil.  In addition, you are vulnerable against fire damage.  When you hit with fire damage, you must make a Dexterity saving throw of 15 to put out the fire as a reaction.  If you fail, you take 1d4 fire damage (with vulnerability included) until you save.  You can make subsequent saves as a bonus action.

(73 – 74) Cold Blood *5P – Like reptiles, you cannot stand cold temperatures.  You are vulnerable against cold damage.  When you are hit by cold damage, you must take a reaction to make a Dexterity saving throw of 15.  If you fail, you are slowed by half of your movement and have disadvantage on all attack rolls and physical based skills for duration of the fight or encounter.  You can make subsequent saves as a bonus action.

(75 – 76) Feeble Mind  *5P – Your ability to handle damage to the mind is greatly reduced.  You are vulnerable to psychic damage.  In addition, when hit with psychic damage, make a Wisdom saving throw of 15.  If you fail, you become frightened until you are safely away from the cause of your damage.  You cannot attack anything until you are either 60 ft. from their line of sight or in a different room.

(77 – 78) Lightning Rod *5P – Whether it’s metal plating or something else, electricity is attracted to you.  You are vulnerable against lightning or thunder damage.  In addition, when hit with these damage types, you cannot take reactions as well as being slowed for 1 round.

(79 – 80) Weak Skin, Weak Body *5P – Your body has no defense against acidic or poisonous compounds.  You are vulnerable against acid and poison damage.  In addition, when you are hit by these damage types, you must make a Constitution save of 12 or fall prone and become paralyzed until you save.

(81 – 82) Bad Phobia *4P – When exposed to a fear inducing effect or personal anxiety source, you gain disadvantage against saves.

(83 – 84) Serious Phobia *6P – Like the above, except you automatically fail those saves.

(85 – 86) Prone Psychosis *5P – Whenever you encounter something irritating, it enrages you.  Whenever you fail a check, fail an attack roll, face defeat, or something potentially damaging to your ego; it sends you into an angry fit.  You must succeed an intelligence save of 15 or attack the nearest thing in sight.  You must save each round until calm.  Allies can roll Charisma checks (DC 20) to try to calm the target down as well.  If the target is was already unfriendly toward them before the rage, the check will fail.

( 87 – 88) Messed Up Skin *4P – Festering sores, red puffiness, and more nasty things can be very distracting.  When you equip armor, lose your Dex bonus to AC.  Also, gain disadvantage on any rolls involving Strength or Dexterity.

(89 – 90) Rapid Aging *1P – You are aging twice as fast as normal.

(91 – 92) Light Weakness *2P – Gain disadvantage to Perception checks and Attack rolls when in direct light.

(93 – 94) Insomniac *3P – Whenever you take any rest, make a Constitution saving throw of 12.  If you fail, you do not gain the benefits of that rest.  Furthermore, on a long rest, you instead gain a level of exhaustion.

(95 – 96) Light Dependency *3P – Similar to Light Weakness, but this applies when light is absent instead.  It must be natural light as well.

(97) Sweet Madness *3P – Disadvantage on all Sanity rolls (This only applies if you’re using the rules for madness, otherwise reroll.  If using the rules for Honor, use as the below option instead.  Otherwise, reroll.)

(98) No Honor *3P –  Disadvantage on all Honor rolls (This only applies if you’re using the rules for honor, otherwise reroll.  If using the rules for Sanity, use as the above option instead.  Otherwise, reroll.)

(99 – 100) Roll Twice! – That’s right, you get two defects instead.


Image Credit: Earth Delta by MrLizard

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Inspired by Gamma World, a property of Wizards of the Coast.


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