Newlithid Warmachine – A Dalek inspired monster for D&D 5th edition


The next step in Illithid evolution is merely another chapter in the dark history of the Mind Flayers.  Few scholars have delved deep into their obscure lore and came out sane.  But, the lore that has surfaced proclaims that Mind Flayers were once like humans, before they had the desire to turn themselves into “the perfect beings.”  Somewhere along the process, something went wrong and they became horrors we had seen today.  But to them, they saw the process as evolution in action.  However, this wasn’t enough for much of the population, they wanted to go further.  Those who didn’t agree with this notion left their homeland, only to be stranded within the D&D multiverse!

The remainder of the species found ways to artificially produce what they called “the Master Race.”  Their new forms were even more powerful, despite their compromised defenses.  To make up for this, the “New-lithids” crafted mechanical shells equipped with some of the strongest death weapons known to all reality!  Woe to those who should ever encounter these great beasts, for their near-unbreakable armor and destructive super-weapons make them a terrifying foe.  If they were to discover realities beyond their own, not only would they exterminate their “lesser” Mind Flayer brethren but, they would destroy all life that is non-Newlithid.

*This is essentially my take on Mind Flayer mythology; while melding it with the classic Doctor Who adversary, “The Daleks.”  On top of that, I made this creature as deadly as possible within D&D 5th rules.  This creature is suited for a CL 18 encounter or higher, but can provide a terrifying threat for low level encounters.*


Medium Aberration, Neutral Evil

Armor Class 20

Hit Points 288 (28d8 + 36)

Speed 20 ft., 20 ft. (hover)


STR – 12 DEX – 8 CON – 15 INT – 20 WIS – 10 CHA – 15


Saving Throws Dexterity +5, Wisdom +6

Skills Intimidate +8

Condition Immunities – Poisoned, Charmed, Exhaustion, Fear, Disease, Petrify, Polymorph

Damage Immunities – Non-Magical Weaponry, Cold, Necrotic, Radiant, Poison (Alternative: Swap out Radiant and Necrotic for Radiation damage)

Damage Resistances – Physical Based Damage from Magic Weapons

Damage Weaknesses – Fire, Lightning (Alternative – Swap out Fire and Lighting for Laser damage)

Senses Darkvision 120 ft.

Damage Immunities Deep Speech, Common, Telepathy 30 ft.

Challenge 18 (20,000 XP)


Magic Resistance – The Warmachine has advantage on spells/magical effects.

Suction Hand – The creature can still use Extermination Gun while grappling with suction hand w/o any disadvantage.  However, you cannot use Legendary Actions to make extra attacks or maximize the Extermination Gun while a creature is grappled.

Squishy Interior – If the Newlithid is without any armor (with 13 effective AC), any hit against it counts as an automatical critical hit.  It also loses any physical based weaknesses and resistances (including to magic weapons) while not in its specialized armor.  If removed from its suit, it cannot use its weapons.

Vision Impairment – Newlithids have disadvantage on all saves involving blinding.  Furthermore, you can instead attack its camera eyes on its armor to impose blindness instead.  Attack success results in blindness.

Madness – It is easy to enrage these beings, due to their extreme xenophobia.  Also, use of crafty word play can temporarily foil their plans… at least for a bit.  For example, you could pass off a delicious treat as an explosive device before they scan said biscuit.  As such, it’s really easy to anger them through Intimidate or distract them through Deception.  That said, Newlithids are fanatically devoted to their own causes, means of perfection, and annihilation of “imperfect” beings.  Any attempt to charm them or manipulate them will fail, only fueling their blind hatred more.

Bulky – If the newlithid is knocked prone, it must take an action in order to get up.  Enemies have advantage on all saves against relevant attacks while the newlithid is prone.



Extermination Gun – This works like Disintegrate cast as a 9th level spell and can be used at-will.  Target within 60 ft. must make a Dexterity saving throw (19) or take 120 (19d6 + 40) damage.  For the sake of resistance, this attack counts as an enchanted weapon, not a spell.

Psionic Blast (recharge 5-6) – +11 to hit; 60 ft. range; 28 (4d10+5) Psychic damage; must roll an Intelligence save (19) or be incapacitated for 1 round.

Mind Drain – Can use action to suck out brain from victim; +7 to hit; 5 ft. melee; one grappled creature; 66 (12d10+1) bludgeoning damage; sucks up brain of victim who dies from this.

Strangle (Without suit) – Melee Weapon Attack; +8 to hit; 5 ft. reach; one target.  Hit: The target is restrained.  Subsequent turns, the target must make Constitution (DC 17) saving throws to avoid suffocation.

Legendary Actions – 2 Points – One Legendary Action per round

* Direct Hit (Once per day) – 2 Points – Extermination Gun does maximum damage on failed save

* Multiple Attack – 2 Point – Extra Psionic Blast, Mind Drain (if grappled), Grapple, or Extermination Gun

* Demoralize the Inferior – 1 Point – Bonus Action to Demoralize Opponents (Save vs. Fear).  All creatures that can hear within 60 ft.

* Secure Prey – 1 Point – You can grapple with the suction hand with advantage and as a bonus action.


Newlithids look almost nothing like their Mind Flayer brethren.  Their exterior is seen as a big metallic shell with numerous lights on the top of the rotating “head” piece that help with perceiving its environment.  One of its arms is covered in suction cups with a massive expanding cup hand to grapple and drain the victim of their brain.  Their other arm is a destructive super weapon capable of eliminating enemies in an instant.  One of the flaws in the shell’s design is lack of proper legs, but many small wheels to cart them around.  As such, it is hard for them to travel up surfaces naturally.  Fortunately for them, newer models of their armor have the ability to hover around 5 ft. off the surface.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Daleks belong to BBC’s Doctor Who.


8 thoughts on “Newlithid Warmachine – A Dalek inspired monster for D&D 5th edition

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    • I’m not sure how you’d balance a Dalek. I tried to hit the nail on the major aspects: ultra lethal weapons, hard as anything armor, pretty weak organism inside the suit, EX TER MIN ATE, all that jazz. That said, some of the things are a little absurd in regards to 5E’s math, so I could touch it up a bit. I can’t really see low level daleks, to be honest. I’m not sure it would fit the mold of what makes them, well, them. Sure, these are Mind Flayers that mimic the ways of Daleks, but I only used to Mind Flayer fluff to tie it more into D&D, rather than a straight up Doctor Who creature.


      • You could make the Neolithid a Mind Flayer variant. Some form of ancient Illithid enemy who they thought they had… er… exterminated? Perhaps some Illithid mad man in the past tinkered with the species and created the horror that is the Neolithid? There are many possibilities here. I like it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The backstory on the Illithid is that they appeared on the scene. Perhaps they appeared on the scene running from something in the far distant future. If that something struck fear in the hearts of the Illithid, it must be truly horrible. It turns out, it was only a mutated version of themselves, only bent on the destruction of all life other than themselves.

        Anyway, that’s all I can come up with right now. I’m spent.


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