D&D Future Tech – My Take on Sci-Fi tech for D&D 5th edition


One of the things I enjoyed about the Numeria content for Pathfinder was that is more suited to fit with the core game in terms of mechanics.  The most problematic elements of the technology was thematic rather than game based.  So, whose to say we can’t have magic missile in one hand and laser gun in the other?  Plus, I’ve always been a huge science-fantasy fan so to speak.  With that, here’s a pretty big helping of bizarro tech to incorporate into more science fiction/genre mashup themed games! D&D Sci-Fi tech CONSULT TABLE IN PHB – Treat as magic items


New Damage Types:

  • Radiation (counts as both radiant and necrotic; resistance and weakness cancel out)
  • Laser (counts as both lightning and fire; same deal)

————————————————————————- Weapons:

  • Laser Pistol – 500 GP; 2d6 laser ; 2 lbs; light; ranged (40 ft./80 ft.); futuristic
  • Laser Rifle – 775 GP; 3d6 laser; 3 lbs; two-handed; ranged (60 ft./120 ft.) futuristic
  • Force Machine Gun – 900 GP; 5d4 force damage; 6 lbs; two-handed; ranged (30 ft./60 ft.); futuristic
  • Needle Gun – 650 GP; 2d4 piercing; Dex Save (DC 13) or take more 1d8 slashing (Needles can have explosive effect in high clusters); 3lbs; light; ranged (30 ft./ 60 ft.); futuristic
  • Needle Gun, Toxin Shot – 800 GP; 2d4 piercing; Con save (DC 15) or take 1d10 poison; 3lbs; light; ranged (30 ft./ 60 ft.); futuristic
  • Grenade Shot – 1000 GP; launch (30 ft./60 ft.) *see below; 9 lbs; two-handed; futuristic
  • Energy Blade (Original) – 500 GP; 2d4 force damage; 4 lbs; finesse; light; futuristic
  • Electro-Repair Tool – 750 GP; 2d4 lightning and thunder damage, save vs. incapacitate;   4 lbs; ranged (30 ft./ 60 ft.); futuristic
  • Death Ray – 1500; 3d6 radiant and necrotic (radiation) damage; 3 lbs; ranged (30 ft./60 ft.) ; futuristic
  • Grill Cannon (Flamethrower)- 800 GP; 2d8 fire damage; 8 lbs; launch (30 ft./ 60 ft.) *see below; two-handed; futuristic
  • Chainsaw Sword – 650 GP; 3d6 slashing; 10 lbs; two-handed; futuristic
  • Aether Arm (Polearm) – 550 GP; 2d6 slashing and force; 5 lbs; two-handed; futuristic
  • Energy Lance Crossbow – 900 GP; 3d4 force + 1d4 piercing damage; 5 lbs; ranged (40 ft./ 80 ft.); two-handed; futuristic
  • EMP Grenade – 100 GP each; 1d12 thunder; can paralyze constructs and machines; 1 lbs; launch (20 ft./40 ft) *see below; futuristic (works like stun grenade against machines)
  • Frag Grenade – 150 GP each; 4d4 piercing damage; launch (15 ft./30 ft) *see below; 2 lbs; futuristic
  • Energy Grenade – 150 GP each; 3d8 laser damage; launch (15 ft./30 ft) *see below;
  • Stun Grenade – 75 GP each; launch (20 ft./40 ft) *see below; save versus paralyze (DC 16); futuristic

Light Armor:

  • Hazmat Suit – 750 GP; 12 + Dex (Max 4); Advantage on Poison, Gas, Disease
  • (Anti-)Gravity Suit – 650 GP; 11 + Dex; Jump twice as high with Athletics/Acrobatics check, stay airborne for 1 round w/o falling (gently floating)

Medium Armor:

  • Exoskeleton Suit – 1000 GP; 14 + Dex (Max 2); Requires 12 Str; Disadvantage on Stealth; Add 1d4 bludgeoning damage to all successful melee attacks for 1 minute, 1/Short Rest
  • Astral Ranger Suit – 900 GP; 13 + Dex (Max 3); Requires 12 Str; Can turn invisible for 1 minute, 1/Short Rest, Attacks or Spells not targeting self stop ability.

Heavy Armor:

  • Powered Armor – 1200 GP; 16; 40 lbs; Requires 14 Str; Disadvantage on Stealth; Advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics checks; Gain Climbing speed equal to 1/2 of your land speed
  • Steel Oath Powered Armor – 2000 GP (750 if you’re a member of the Oath); 17 AC; Req. 13 STR; Disadvantage on Stealth; 50 lbs.; Resistance to Radiant & Necrotic damage (or just “Radiation Damage”) while worn
  • Titan Mauler Armor – 1800 GP; 17; 60 lbs; Requires 16 Str; Disadvantage on Stealth; Gain resistance to (non magical/augmented) bludgeoning, piercing, slashing damage


Other Equipment:

  • Synthetic Food Generator – 1250 GP; 6 lbs; Futuristic; This machine creates supplementary foods needed to maintain an active and healthy diet. While the food itself often tastes horrible, it creates extremely nutrient rich meals; This machine can only be used 3 times per day, creating enough food for a registered party. Each time the machine is activated, it uses a charge. The machine has 21 charges.
  • Steel Oath Charging Dock – 2500 GP (1000 GP for Oath members); 2 lbs; Futuristic; you gain 1d4 charges in a single item when you take a long rest Long Rest. If you are proficient and trained with the item, gain an extra 1d4 to your roll.
  • Ultra Flashlight – 250 GP; 1 lbs; Futuristic As an action, you can spend a charge to unleash a flood light upon an environment. Bright light fills 60 feet of space and dim light 60 feet after that. Any creature that faces initial exposure of the light must make a Dexterity save (14) or be blinded for 1 minute. This item has 10 charges.
  • Collapsible Power Generator – 1500 GP; 10 lbs; Futuristic; You gain 1 charge to any select item during an extended rest. If you are trained with the item, gain another charge point.
  • Fuel Canister – 50 GP; 3 lbs; Futuristic; A can of fuel is used to power up machines, alternative to charge, produces noxious gas. It’s a rather crude method of power and hardly useful. When you fuel an item that runs on charges, you may make an intelligence check after using it. If you roll a 20 or higher total, the charge isn’t expended. Either way, you expend fuel.
  • Instant Solar Panel Generator – 1750 GP; 40 lbs; Futuristic; A miniature generator that can hook up to a variety of machinery. After intaking at least 12 hours of light, this machine can generate 1d4 charges you can give to a machine of choice that’s hooked up to the solar panel.
  • Communication Badge – 550 GP; 1 lbs; Futuristic; This badge allows the user to communicate with any 1 creature within 60 ft, creating a mind-link that lasts for 1d6 rounds. You can also expend a charge to create auditory illusions (targets must make Charisma saving throws against your spellcasting saving DC). Each use costs a charge. This item has 5 charges.
  • Security Override Key Card – 700 GP; 1 lbs; Futuristic; This card allows you to hack electronic locks with ease. When you use a charge on this card, the DC to access a locked area is reduced by 5. In addition, you gain advantage on all checks to disarm traps and locks when using a card charge. The card has 6 charges.
  • Dimensional Translator – 600GP; 2 lbs; Futuristic; This hand sized device has the ability to decipher any language. It functions like “Comprehend Languages” (including duration) except everyone in a 30 ft. radius of the device is affected. Each use costs a charge. This item has 4 charges.
  • Psionic Passport – 1250 GP; 1 lbs; Futuristic; Whenever you display this item to anyone but yourself, it creates a powerful psychic illusion. The viewer sees whatever you need them to see, unless they realize they’ve been fooled (DC 17). Each time the paper attempts to trick a target, it consumes a charge. This item has 4 charges.
  • Mechanical Automated Canine Companion (“Mac”) – 2750 GP; 6 lbs; Futuristic; A super-intelligent robotic dog capable of reason, logic, and more. While not built for combat (12 AC; 24 HP), it provides all sorts of insightful information. Every hour this machine is animated, it uses a charge. This item has 4 charges. Once all charges are used, it will shut down and gain 1 charge every 4 hours of recharging.
  • Laser Watch – 1975 GP; 2 lbs; Futuristic; Once per short rest, you can fire a minor laser ray from a watch-like device. It counts as a ranged weapon attack and deals 2d4 laser damage (1d4 fire + 1d4 lightning). Furthermore, the item tells you the time of day.
  • Jetpack – 3000 GP; 9 lbs; Futuristic; This backpack snugly fits on the wearer and allows them to fly up to 30 ft. speed. However, if a target takes damage with the pack, they must take a Dexterity saving throw (DC 8) or the pack detaches from the subject. For every 10 minutes, a charge is expended. This item has 4 charges.
  • Scanner Goggles – 1425 GP; 1 lbs; Futuristic; You can use a charge to activate either X-Ray vision or gain advantage to tracking down a specific target. You have 5 charges.
  • Water Purifier – 1750 GP; 5 lbs; Futuristic; Every time you use a charge, you can convert 12 ounces of dirty/unsafe water into perfectly healthy drinking water. This item has 3 charges.
  • Oxygen Breathing Band – 250 GP; 4 lbs; Similar to the tanks and breathing devices used by scuba divers, this one is a simple device that fits around your mouth and head; doing the same job without need for a tank. This dated device requires a new air tank after 2 hours of use.
  • Air Filtering Mask – 1500 GP; 2 lbs; An advanced version of the breathing band. Much like the original, it provides fresh air in otherwise hostile environments. However, this version runs on charges and has the ability to filter air around it while running. Each used charge lasts for 1 hour. This item has 3 charges.
  • Insta-Tent – 500 GP; 5 lbs; Fits up to 3 people;  After charging this device for an hour (through physical force, requiring check to avoid exhaustion), you can use an action to activate the tent. After 1 round of time, it instantly expands into a 30 ft. by 30 ft. giant tent. The tent lasts for 12 hours and costs one charge. After the 12 hour period, the tent will collapse into its storage device. Any creature that does not vacate the area of the tent must succeed a Dexterity save of 13 or take 1d10 bludgeoning damage. This item has 2 charges.
  • Auto-Surgeon – NOT FOR SALE; Requires Short Rest; User gains one benefit (in addition to rest): Restore 1 Hit Die worth of drained hit points, restore 1 point of drained stat, give user a saving throw to get rid of disease or curse. Auto-Surgeon cannot perform on the same patient for at least 48 hours.
  • Advanced Auto-Surgeon – NOT FOR SALE; Requires Long Rest; User gains one benefit (in addition to rest): Restore all hit points drained, restore drained stats to normal, get rid of a disease or curse, restore petrified/charmed character to normal. Auto-Surgeon cannot perform on the same patient for at least 48 hours.


New Category – Futuristic Weapons of this type typically utilize charges in order to function, though there are exceptions.  Furthermore, proficiency requires rigorous study and training.  That or exposure to a technologically advanced realm for a prolonged period of time.  Mere training is not sufficient enough.


Campaign Option – Tech for all! The technologies presented here are common place, so NPCs and Monsters are likely to have them too. On top of that, items would be significantly cheaper. ————————————————————————-

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wasn’t quite satisfied with the future tech as presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide and greatly prefer the approaches taken by both Paizo Pathfinder for their Iron Gods Adventure path and the Future Tech from D20 Modern (hence the title above).  Taking from both of those, I wanted to make my own take that won’t break the game too much.* Mechanics created by Doctor Necrotic and based off of the Pathfinder roleplaying game by Paizo and D20 Modern by Wizards of the Coast.  Image source is from D20 Modern – Future Tech

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  D20 Modern belongs to Wizards of the Coast.  Iron Gods belogs to Pathfinder by Paizo.


9 thoughts on “D&D Future Tech – My Take on Sci-Fi tech for D&D 5th edition

  1. I love this list but like the other guy i have 1 or 2 minor issues, one of them is the fact that the weapin damage types seem to vary in ways that dont make much sense to me like the needle gun and energy machine gun. Its a minor thing though but i like it.:3


    • Admittedly, both of those weapons were made as homages to weaponry from Halo. I should probably change the EMG’s name for the sake of consistency though. Also, I wanted some of the technology to be an homage to Blackmoor/Barrier Peaks era tech, which had d3s and other whacky stuff like that! So, the many d4s work for an old school inspired crazy sci-fi machine gun in my opinion.


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      • Oh, whoops, misread the fuel canister the first time I copied the list. Thought it said 50 lbs. My other thought was; why does an exoskeleton suit get a disadvantage on stealth? Would it be like the exoskeleton suits like the Engineers from Promethius wore, which I imagine would be quite stealthy, like xenomorphs. Or are we talking like modern exo suits that DARPA is making, cause those I can see having bad stealth, since they are ultra-bulky.


      • My idea behind the exosuit is something more akin to a shrunken down version of the suit Ripley used in Aliens. I imagined it as an effective protective shell more or less. But, it’s bulky and mechanical; but it makes you hit harder and makes you a bit bulkier too. Granted, not as much as the “space marine” suit. So, perhaps this is a proto-type version of the Ranger suit or the Powered Armor? Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Promethius, so I didn’t really sample it much for inspiration.


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