Circle of the Corrupted – A Sinister Druid Circle for D&D 5e


Not all druids follow the same path.  While all seek to become guardians of natural order, many fall prey to darker motives.  Some seek revenge for a fallen circle, some find futility in life, some give in to raw savagery.  These druids were consumed by emotions of hatred, sorrow, and even absolute passion.  No matter the motivation, the Corrupted exist as a grotesque parody of their former selves.  If their dark power wasn’t so strong, many circles would have organized to stop them along ago.

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IMAGE CREDIT – Blightlord – D&D 3.5 Unapproachable East


Foxfolk – A Vulpine Race for D&D 5th Edition

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Author’s Notes: This is based off a request for 5e Kitsune, here’s my take on the race! Just letting you guys know, this one was more of a challenge for me than I expected. Oddly enough, the hardest part was making it NOT like an elf. Also, big thanks to Brynvalk for greatly improving this race!  (I won’t lie, my original concept wasn’t very good.) If you haven’t done so already, do follow her blog too!



Fair Folk Tricksters


This race of fox-like creatures descended from the creations of the true fae themselves, the Arcadeans.  This realm of mischief and wonder is the perfect point of origin for these vulpine tricksters.  For the fae progenitors, they see these beings as the perfect mixture of faerie magicks and the fox’s natural cunning.  However, the foxfolk themselves had become discontent with their faerie-realm utopia.  Against the wishes of their creators, they began to explore the multiverse.  While some clans sought out all reality had to offer, others took after their creators and observed the planes beyond through the veil of illusions and stealth.


Masters of the Duel and Masters of Magic


The foxfolk are known for a wide variety of talents beyond the ability to create tricks and traps.  Many incorporate the teachings of their fey ancestors into self-defensive and battle styles.  In particular, dueling with light weaponry is quite common among the Reynardy branch of the foxfolk.  These people have had a wide history of swashbuckling, leading great quests, and going on grand expeditions for fantastic treasure.  The Kitsune on the other hand prefer a more covert lifestyle.  Their culture has long since emphasized use of magic to conceal and hide your actions.  Any influence this wish to cause, they will do so from a distance.


Eldritch Ooze – A Parasitic Evil for D&D 5th Edition

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The fear of contamination is a rational one in the multiverse!  Plagues of the living dead, being consumed and replaced with an alien copy, the dread curse of vampirism, and more torment the minds of countless victims.  One threat such threat is far distanced from the Material Plane.  This threat is known as the “Eldritch Ooze.”

Despite its name, this creature isn’t so much an ooze, but an oil-like parasite that slinks into the creature’s nervous system and takes over it entirely.  Most of the time, the only method of discerning a controlled person is black and cloudy looking eyes.  When the creature is ready to strike, it begins to pour out of a victim’s eye sockets, mouth, and sometimes elsewhere as well.  Victims are seen retching and gasping in unfathomable pain as the liquid abomination slithers slowly outside of several orifices.  Some have been lucky enough to resist it, but these are few and far between.  Another aspect of this creature is its ability to produce spawn while inside a victim, spreading its vile essence while keeping control of its current host.  To prevent such an atrocity from spreading on a wide scale would result in an apocalyptic event.  Even worse is the motivations and intentions of this creature are completely unknown.

Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Original idea from The X-Files, a property of 20th Century Media/Fox Entertainment.

Technoloth (Yugoloth) – A Cybernetic Daemon for D&D 5th Edition


Author’s Note:  I know I already did this for Pathfinder, but a cyber-daemon working for the yugoloths is too cool of an idea NOT to port over to 5e!

A fusion of Lothian energy and high technology, this fiendish super-soldier is a terrifying foe.  This creature melds magicks with cosmic science to deal devastating blows.  Besides enhanced cybernetics, some are equipped with top of the line firearm like weapons.  These creatures double as both augmented warriors and inventive artificers.  Due to their advanced technical prowess; fiendish scholars claim that they have created a heated rivalry with the dread sages of the Gehenna Tower.  These frustrated daemons are known by many as the Arcanaloths.

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The Force – A Star Wars-Themed Patron for D&D 5th Edition


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  It was a period of Civil War!

A great clash between an ancient council and the corrupt empire lasted ages.  While the empire was sundered in the end, the council was shaken beyond repair in the early days of the conflict.  Now, only the worthy are able to carry on the ancient traditions and powers that come with this cosmic society.

(Yes, I know that’s not quite how the force works!  But, mechanically, The Warlock is best suited to replicate The Jedi from the Star Wars series.)

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Firearms in D&D 5th Edition Part 2 – The Shootist (A Fighter Path Archetype)


Few walk the path of the Shootist, for it is a lonesome path.  Very few understand the power of fire and steel cascading together in tactics of war and epic combat.  Rarely has such a sight been seen by mundane eyes, save for you.  You are one of the special chosen, trained in the art of the gun.  For you, a firearm is an extension of yourself.  The firearm is a symbol of many things; life, death, law, chaos, peace, war, and much more.  On this path, you decide which meaning is true of you.

Through rigorous training with gun based weapons, you become a skilled sharpshooting master.  Your deadeye with the firearms makes you a formidable foe given the proper range.  With a well timed shot and proper aim, you can take down countless foes.



Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Inspired by the Dark Tower sage by Stephen King, as well as the Gunslinger from Paizo Pathfinder.