The Eldritch-Touched – A Lovecraftian Race for D&D 5th Edition


“It is permissible to say that, aside from the external appearance of face and hands, the really human element of Wilbur Whateley must have been very small” – The Dunwich Horror


Things That Should Not Be


Throughout the planes lie many mysteries.  Many planar mysteries inhabit prime material itself.  Among them are the castaways from reclusive societies, creations of dreadful cults, and mad men changed through dark worship.  This great mystery is an unfortunate soul bonded to dark cosmic power.  These strange beings are cursed to suffer the blood of elder beings that seed minds with madness and exist beyond dreams.  Perhaps these souls are more in-tune to their distant masters… or perhaps they were created to spread frightening agendas far beyond mortal comprehension.  No matter the reason, these misfits wander several realities, finding their place while trying to escape nameless horrors.

Similar to planetouched beings like aasimar, tieflings, and genasi; the eldritch-touched is a race onto its own.  There is no specification to how a being looks.  They often look a lot like their mortal realm parent, with the traits of the blasphemous being they are tied too.  Features from the eldritch master will always vary; tendrils writhing around their skin, multiple eyes, gibbering mouths, non-Euclidean forms that cannot be grasped by a human mind!  Of course, these are some of many possibilities.


Children Born from a Sleeping Madness


While most eldritch touched are slain due to being the progeny of unfathomable elder beasties, many find ways to cope and adjust to their offbeat heritage.  Many has fought against reality piercing voices in their dreams, creating barriers through the very same power imbued within them.  They have found ways to shape these dreadful boons into shields against unspeakable terrors, as well as defense against the ignorant masses.

For those who look beyond their eldritch powers, they are more than valuable companions.  Enhanced knowledge from strange sources has them to become powerful speakers, magic users, and more than competent warriors in their own right.  The dread visions of Far Realms haven’t always lead to lives of misery.  When dealing with an aberrant incursion, you can guarantee an Eldritch-Touched will make a useful partner.  But, in other cases, they seek to fuse the world of the aberrant with the world of our own.  Few understand their madness or the reasons behind their existence… and few want to.



Eldritch-Touched Traits


Ability Score Increase:  Your exposure to the incomprehensible has hardened and numbed your mind.  Your Wisdom score increased by 2.

Age:  You age slower than normal humans, however you mature very quickly.  You are mature by age 12, but can live up to 200 years old.

Alignment:  While their ancient roots are too alien to fit into alignment, Eldritch-touched fit anything within the alignment spectrum.  Some could say they fit certain descriptions of their specific eldritch roots.

Size:  Your race is medium in size, despite spanning from 4 to 8 feet tall.

Speed:  Your race’s speed is typically 30 feet.

Mental Fortitude:  Your constant exposure to maddening horrors has sharpened your mind.  You gain advantage on any checks or saves made against mind-effecting abilities or spells.

Darkvision:  As per the ability, you can see in darkness as if it were dim light and dim light as if it were bright light.

Languages:  You can speak, read, and write Common.  You understand and can speak Deep Speech.  It is very common for there to be a very “unearthly sound” to your voice when you speak any language you are proficient with.


Sub-Race – Star Child


Ability Score Increase:  Your knowledge of dark arts and manipulation come natural, even if it is profane.  You gain a +1 bonus to your Charisma score.

Blasphemous Charisma:  You gain proficiency in the persuasion or deception skills.

Survival from Insanity:  You have resistance to psychic damage.


Sub-Race – Deep Spawn


Ability Score Increase: Your dread blood makes you hardier and more durable in rough situations.  Your gain a +1 bonus to your Constitution score.

One with the Ocean Father: You gain a swim speed equal to your land speed. You can breathe while underwater in addition to breathing air.

Deep Water Conjurer: By the dark power of the Ocean Father, you witness a mass of water form before you! You may use Create or Destroy Water as a spell-like ability once per long rest. However, you must dedicate 10 minutes to casting it, rather than the normal time.  Furthermore, this effect does not create a flashy or overtly “magical” display.
This race and its lore are the creations of Doctor Necrotic.  Original rules belong to Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.  If used, please give credit where due.

EDIT: Updated 6/29/15


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